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Last weekend we celebrated how together, Co-op Members, colleagues and local causes are helping to make our local communities better places to live, for everyone.

In over 1,500 local Co-ops, local causes met our members and customers to say thank you for their support through our Local Community Fund. They also took the opportunity to tell us how they’ll spend their share of the £19 million raised by Co-op Members buying selected Co-op branded products and services.

A new insight into our local communities

The latest news in our support for local communities is our Community Wellbeing Index.

You may have already heard of it as we’ve been sharing this tool at our recent Join In Live events, asking our members what they think of the Index and how it could help start  conversations in their communities.

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The index gives an insight into what’s important to local people in each local community; from the quality of education, housing affordability and public transport to the amount of green space and the number of community centres.

Better together

A recent study we compiled showed that whilst many people feel helpless to influence global or national issues, they’re increasingly turning their attention much closer to home, where they believe they can have a more meaningful say in what happens in their local community.

Some people (25%) say they feel closer to their community today than they did ten years ago. However almost a third have no pride in the place they live, and a similar number never get involved in their communities.

So for those of us who believe that community plays a positive role in enhancing our wellbeing, we face the challenge of how to reconnect the 30% who don’t. After all, all our previous research in this area tells us that connected communities are stronger communities.

Read the full Community Report: Better together

How you can get involved

If you want support to make something great happen in your community, contact your local Co-op Member Pioneer, who build relationship between our Co-op and the wider community to do what matters most in your area.

If you’re a Co-op Member too, you can join in the conversation and share your thoughts about the Index and other topics about our local communities. Just log into your online Membership account and scroll to Join In to get started.

Rebecca Birkbeck
Director of Community Engagement

Read more on how we’re building stronger communities at our Co-op;

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  1. A big thank you to the members and colleagues of the Co-op stores in the Woolston district of Southampton from the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Trust for the donation through the Local Community Fund. The picture below shows some of the young carers who will benefit from your funding. The RSYC Trust gives sailing opportunities to young carers providing much needed respite, recreation and confidence building to these sometimes much neglected group of young people who do such a wonderful job of looking after their family members. Thanks also to Co-op colleague Michelle who baked the cakes for the event.
    We will keep Co-op, St Johns Road Woolston advised of our sailing programmes and invite colleagues and members to get involved in these activities.

    Thank you

    Graham Tracey
    Trustee – RSYC Trust



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