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Over 4,000 members have joined in and helped us test the first version of our new digital offers throughout October and November, picking over 25,000 offers through the membership website and our new Co-op app.

We already give members offers on products they buy through coupons printed at the till, but we want to give members more choice and reduce paper and printing by opening offers up in new ways.

Member participation - coupons

Testing how the app and website work for real members is really useful and important to us, and it lets us know where we need to focus and what we should build next to make digital offers work for every Co-op member.

Luckily for us, we’ve had thousands of messages from members as they tested it out in real stores, with some really encouraging feedback and useful suggestions for the future:

“Downloaded the app today, so far so good. Chose a couple of offers and it was very easy as there were no coupons to hand over in the shop…the discount was automatically applied at the till.” Douglas, Co-op Member, Grangemouth

“Absolutely brilliant, selected my 2 digital offers via the app and redeemed them today in store with no problems at all came straight off after swiping my members card. Love this idea. Co-op leading the way.” Lee, Co-op Member, Luton

“Vouchers are working great and a brilliant idea to save paper too. My suggested improvements would be to change offers weekly (I am limited to options due to dietary requirements) and for a reminder to be sent on a weekly basis to choose offers.” Abigail, Co-op Member

“Really impressed by the weekly discounts. Easy to use and far better than the coupon system. Would recommend to other Members. 10/10.” Glenn, Co-op Member

It’s great to hear that members are getting the most out of the new offers, but even more useful has been the feedback we’ve had telling us where we need to improve.

The top things we now know we need to work on before this is ready for all Co-op members to use are:

  • An issue where adding another item or scanning a second card (like NUS) after pressing ‘finish and pay’ on the till cancels the offer. We’re working on this right now.
  • There needs to be more variety in the offers week on week. The Personalisation team in Food are hard at work creating new ones.
  • The app needs to be easy to install. It was a bit clunky during the test, but will be available in the app store when we make it available to everyone.
  • Offers need to be available to every member. Some members couldn’t join in properly because their current card number wasn’t added to the campaign. We’ve identified a fix for this too.

We’re really thankful to all the members who have helped us test digital offers so far, and especially grateful for the patience and understanding they’ve shown when things haven’t worked the way they should. This feedback will help us build a better service for everyone.

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If you’d like to get involved and help shape your Co-op, please sign in to your member account to see what opportunities are available.

Joel Godfrey
Digital Offers team

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  1. Regarding the Coop member of staff and shopping being cheaper at Lidl and Aldi. I can’t access these stores as they are outside the town and need cars. They are both German supermarkets who have now taken more than £10bn. from the UK market which is super competitive and also affecting Tesco and others. Perhaps this may be one of the benefits of being in the EU for German plc shareholders. But not for the Coop who just have to try and be more competitive to help UK shoppers who appreciate them.

  2. As an OAP I don’t have a phone that uses app’s and don’t understand how to use digital.

    • I have used coupons this week at my local Exmouth, Devon, branch. I have a mobile phone, not a smart one, so how will the app work for me? I have money saved on my card over 2018 which I will use for Christmas shopping. Not sure this new tech thing is going to work for me. Couldn’t coupons be put on our Coop card as you already have our number?

  3. Agree with Penny We don’t all have Mobile phones with apps, An IT graduate at work recently told me, technology isn’t here to help the masses it’s main use is to make life easier for business by passing the work load onto the general public.
    Think how long it takes to buy a railway ticket on line and then collect it from one of those damnable machines as opposed to spending less than a minute at a counter with a knowledgeable person behind it. Please Coop don’t cut us off!!!

  4. Hi has any one ever won the 250£ monthly voucher. If so , why isn’t it published in magazine. Sara

    • Hi, I’ve just won £50 added to my membership card for commenting on the Co-op website in December.
      I commented about a Co-op event I went to and also about a Christmas good deed.
      I’ve never won anything before and to win £50 worth of shopping after the Christmas period is very welcome.

  5. Penny’s not alone in not having a pocket computer (smartphone). Most of those (us) members do carry the Coop card to get points added though; could cards use points as well as collect them?
    A card easily fits in a wallet or purse, unlike a phone.
    Need to update all the checkouts to ask if a customer wishes to use points, of course. App at shop’s checkout, not in customer’s pocket?

  6. Hi i have a coop staff card but still find it cheaper to shop at liddle or aldi, why cant the coop match the prices of these two shops it would be a real saving for most people,(example 40p,bread 35p,milk 75p,butter and thebiggest one of all cheese cathdral city £2.50 this is the biggest saving of all) from the afore mentioned shops,you do not get this amount with coop discount even with double discount at christmas,

    • Yes I agree. The double discount was great we spent all our food shopping then. Not now you stopped double discount on everything. Plus you stopped £50 Christmas voucher for ex staff members. Shame. I think Co op losing out on our custom now.

  7. Well if I have to buy a smartphone to get vouchers for Co-op it’s time to shop somewhere else for lower prices.

    • Couldn’t agree more. As an oldie I don’t do smartphones, apps, Facebook, Twitter etc. There are already many things which I can’t enter . Is this ageist? I don’t mind if these things are in addition but not if they replace paper coupons.

  8. Please remember your older customers a lot of whom do not have internet access and who are quite a large proportion of your customer base. They are already excluded from the your store your say and a chance to win 250pounds. I am a colleague so know from asking at the checkout

  9. Is this app for staff only as it asks for colleague number

  10. I cannot see which app to download from the App store

  11. which app do you download, there’s lots of coop apps.
    Coop Click does not seem to be the one

  12. I love the app & the offers were good but maybe a bit more variety needed.

  13. I accessed via my PC as l don’t have a smartphone and that worked just as well. I found l could only find use one offer a week as there was nothing else l buy regularly. Having said this the system worked well and l would be happy to continue to use it.

  14. What happens for members who have mobile phones (myself included) which do not have access to apps! Mine is a simple PAYG phone for emergency use only.

    Are we to be excluded from all future offers?

    Penny Brannon

    • Hi Penny, this was just a trial and is not a definite development to our Membership. Offers will always be available to all Members, and technology adoption is always taken into consideration. ^Catherine


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