Lemn Sissay Christmas Dinner Project

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The Christmas Dinner Project started in Manchester in 2013 with one clear vision: that no care leaver will be alone on Christmas Day. It’s about local communities across the UK, coming together to put on dinners on Christmas Day for care leavers between 18 and 25.

Donations are welcome to the Lemn Sissay Foundation to support this vision.

Last year we hosted 8 dinners and Co-op helped out by providing every care leaver who attended a dinner a Co-op bag filled with Christmas treats to take home.

Many care leavers spend Christmas Day, in flats, B&B’s and hostels, sofa surfin, and some are living on the streets on their own, without family. Christmas is a reminder of everything they never had. I know because I’ve shared their experience.

Co-op has been amazing. The love that they’ve shown our guests is such a wonderful thing. What the Christmas Dinners do sits so well with what Co-op do, communities come together, co-operate and support each other. Having Member Pioneers involved have been absolutely brilliant as they are so connected to their communities. I can’t thank them enough. We’re making magic happen.

We’re making new memories for young people at Christmas. Care leavers are people fending for themselves when they reach 18 and we’re giving them the opportunity to share Christmas with other young people.

This year there are an incredible 17 dinners and Co-op are helping out again, by donating tasty treats and store cupboard staples for our guests to take home. If you would like to make sure we can continue to run the dinners then you can donate to the Christmas Dinner experience now until the 31 December.

Lemn Sissay MBE

Watch the documentary Superkids on Channel 4. Lemn Sissay sets out to help young care leavers

Read more on supporting communities at our Co-op;


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  1. How do we find out where the events are – we have parts of the business throughout the country, is this just Manchester based? I’m sure Depots would donate what they could for anything in their local area.


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