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Being on the National Members’ Council is a great way to get involved with your Co-op and your community so you can make a difference that matters.

If you’re passionate about supporting others, doing what’s right for everyone, and making meaningful decisions now for the future, then you’d be a perfect addition to the Members’ Council.

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The role of Council

The role of Council is to ask questions and have an input at the highest level of the Co-op – making sure things are done in a way that benefits and represents Co-op Members from around the UK, who we act as a voice for. In 2018 alone, we helped to shape work around tackling retail crime, the future of food and reducing the use of plastics.

The impact I’ve made

For me, there have been a lot of personal highlights; from co-writing a paper that put forward a move into wholesaling for Co-op and helped to shape our exciting partnership with Nisa, to being voted on to Senate to act as a link between all of Council, the Co-op Board, the Co-op Executive, and Co-op Members. I’ve been able to make the most of my time on Council in a way that reflects my own passions, as well as our members’.

Recently, I represented the Co-op and the Members’ Council at one of my local stores in Cambridge. Myself and a local MP were invited along by the store manager to help launch the Co-op as the first retailer to support Cambridge Street Aid by trialling its new, 24-hour, contactless giving point terminals at three of our stores. All of the money donated goes to the cause and the Co-op is helping them to make a massive difference.

Getting out into my community and meeting with members and colleagues is one of my favourite things about being on Council, as it opens doors for us to build stronger connections with people who share similar interests and concerns. It’s also a really good way to help more people understand what the Co-op is all about.

Get involved today

Our Council is made up of Co-op Members from all walks of life who want to make a difference. You get to decide how you get involved in representing your communities and bringing their voices back to the business. Some of our Council Members are colleagues, some are Member Pioneers and some are people, like me, with a genuine passion for living and working co-operatively and want to see a stronger Co-op and stronger communities as a whole. However you fit in, what matters most is that we work together to keep co-operative values and principles and members’ interests at the heart of the Co-op.

Being on the Members’ Council is a rewarding experience – and one that I think you’d love to be a part of. Our nominations for standing for election to the Council are now open, please visit our website to find out more and apply.

Louise Walker
National Members’ Council representative for East of England

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  1. I would love to join as the principals of the co-op are noble

  2. Great that so many can be involved-I support you but at 86 not terribly agile


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