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Obesity is the biggest public health challenge facing British kids. One-third of primary school children are overweight or obese and it’s now the UK’s biggest health challenge.

So, Co-op are helping tackle this by partnering with Veg Power and ITV. Together we’ll be encouraging Co-op customers, colleagues and members (and in particular, families with kids) to eat more healthily, by eating more veg.

A simple solution

The obesity health challenge is one of the leading causes of premature death in the UK, increasing the risk of 13 types of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

 “Our kids are now the first generation whose life expectancy is shorter than their parents and helping Co-op customers and their families to enjoy healthy diets is really important to us.”

There are all sorts of different things that can be done to tackle this, but there’s a really simple one that will have a massive impact and that’s persuading kids to eat more veg.

Vegetables can be a battleground for families. Getting kids to eat fruit sometimes feels like a win, whilst getting kids to eat vegetables can feel impossible.

Together with Veg Power, ITV, other supermarkets and celebrity ambassadors we’ll be showcasing the wonders of vegetables and how easy it can be to incorporate them into your regular meals.

We will be backing Veg Power with promotions across our stores and website as well as involving 2,000 children who attend 10 primary schools within the Co-op Academies Trust. We aim to offer healthy choices to our customers, with a range of vegetables, which are always British when they are in season, and products containing vegetable portions available across our stores.

Get involved today

The campaign kicks off today and you can get involved by downloading a Veg Power reward chart to get you started. Or visit our recipe site to find a selection of tasty meals filled with veggies.

Cathryn Higgs
Head of Food Policy

Read more on food development at our Co-op;

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  1. If the coop is serious about taking a responsible stance in regard to obesity then it will immediately stop its special offers of, for example, 5 jam doughnuts for less than a pound. All these piled up around the checkouts.

    • I am extremely disappointed that the Co-Op continues to sell Halal meat. It surely goes against everything you stand for. I no longer buy meat from the Co-Op and I am advising others to boycott them. Halal slaughter does not adhere to animal welfare standards in the UK. It is a total betrayal of your customers.

  2. Why have a load of comments disappeared here? Anyway, I was amused yesterday when Aldi set this picture as their cover photo on facebook and customers were commenting asking what it was all about. Clearly a successful message! A successful campaign would need no more explanation…

  3. Why doesn’t the Co-op label its meat products clearly and honestly so that we can boycott halal meat? I will not buy meat from the Co-op until they listen to their customers on this one. The vast majority of us do not want halal meat.

  4. Thanks

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  5. there’s a really simple one that will have a massive impact ….. but it doesn’t say what that one simple thing is!


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