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We’ve just launched a brand new car service, which was developed with, and named by, members.

Co-op Car Care is an MOT and servicing package, which is designed to make things easier and remove some of the fears that confront many customers as they take their car to a garage for a service.

The service is being delivered in partnership with Fixter, who specialise in car servicing and MOT tests, to deliver a trustworthy and hassle-free service, that includes door-to-door collection and delivery, transparent pricing and a 12 month warranty. We checked in with members about how they felt about a third party delivering this service – three quarters of whom said they were happy with this approach.

Almost 1,000 members joined in to help us develop the new product and decide what we should call it. We presented them with three potential names, but, in the end, so many members suggested the name ‘Co-op Car Care’ as an alternative to the three we were considering that we added it to our survey. It went on to receive a ringing endorsement from members, so we decided to run with it!

I’d like to thank all the members who joined in to work with us as we developed the product, and a special ‘thank you’ to those who came up with its name. It’s a lovely example of how we’re engaging with member and becoming more responsive to their needs and suggestions.

Co-op Members shape our Co-op by joining in #TheCoopWay

If you’d like to find out more about the service, please head to the Co-op Car Care website. And if you’re a member who would like to get involved in your Co-op, head to the website to see the opportunities that are available right now.

Steve Kerrigan,
Third Party Product Manager

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  1. What a jolly good idea

  2. why just cars what about motorcycles and trikes as well?


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