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I’m so proud to announce that together we’ve raised over £10 million to tackle global water poverty, just by choosing Co-op water. This means we’ve changed 1.9 million lives for the better.

How you change lives by choosing Co-op

Every time you’ve chosen a bottle of water in your meal deal at lunchtime, or left a donation while using a water refilling station, you’ve changed lives. Co-op donates 3p for every litre of Co-op branded water you buy* to The One Foundation and 1p for every litre of other branded water you buy to Water Unite. It’s through these simple donations that we’ve change lives in communities that need it most.

There’s still a lot more to be done

However 884 million people still don’t have access to clean water and sanitation, and for some of those that do, there’s a high price to pay for it.

I recently visited Nairobi and saw first hand how illegal water suppliers are ruining communities and putting people’s lives at risk. Many of the poorest families there are paying high prices for water from unlicensed traders, which can often be unsafe to drink. The illegal water trade controls the water supply so water vendors can charge as high as 50 Kenyan Shillings, up to 100 times what it should cost!

But now, thanks to you choosing Co-op water, together with The One Foundation, we’re funding and building the first lasting clean water supply for families in Nairobi. Projects like this mean families will be able to simply turn on a tap in their own courtyard to access clean, safe water at a regulated rate of just 0.5 Kenyan shillings per 20L.

More donations, reduced plastic

Our work with The One Foundation and Water Unite are two of the Co-op projects I am most proud of, and thanks to our packaging developments, the donations have continued but the plastic used has been dramatically reduced.

Last year, we were the first major supermarket to switch all our Co-op branded water bottles to 50% recycled plastic, which means we save almost 350 tonnes of plastic annually. We have also been trialling a water filling station in some stores, which enables customers to donate to The One Foundation when topping up their reusable water bottles. If this proves to be popular, we’ll be looking into rolling this out to other stores in the future.

So on World Water Day, I want to thank you for your support and ask you to reflect on how your choices, however small they are, add up and drive dramatic changes every day.

CJ Antal-Smith
Trading Director – Ambient & BWS

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*Applies to still and sparkling water. Co-op branded flavoured water and small bottles of Co-op branded soda water. Varieties as ​stocked, subject to availability.

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  1. I am ever so pleased about the excellent news on Co-operative water . I am however extremely concerned and frustrated regarding the closure of the Co-op Electrical on – line store . Another loss to members of a another valuable Co-operative service

  2. I would like purchase Co-op water consistently, however, my local Co-op only stocks small bottles of Co-op water with the sports caps and I would prefer the ones without. Additionally, I think pricing must remain competitive with alternative brands.
    Well done though to the Co-op for their water initiative.

    • Seems strange that your coop does not have big bottles, have you tried in the big drinks sections. Please do not hesitate to contact any colleague as they will be most happy to serve you.


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