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Co-op has been committed to reducing Food Waste for some time, initially through their partnership with Fareshare now more than ever following the introduction of their Food Share scheme in May 2018.

I run an emergency food bank called Charity Without Borders which helps support the homeless, vulnerable people and those suffering from poverty in the Mansfield area.

Though there are a number of food initiatives to get involved with, I decided to go with the Co-op because I liked the idea of the ethical approach the Co-op has with its suppliers and manufacturers e.g. Fairtrade.

The store managers in my local Co-ops have all been extremely welcoming and they’ve also allowed me to place Food Bank Bins in each store.

This is why I believe Food Share works well because it focuses on personal relationships between store managers, colleagues and people like myself who collect the unsold food on behalf of local causes.

As a result, the time which I collect the food from the store is flexible, unlike some similar schemes, furthermore, there is no cost involved with regards to the scheme membership either.

Thanks to this relationship with Co-op, on the 7th January this year ‘Charity Without Borders’ was proud to have made its 1000th donation to the Soup Kitchen in Mansfield, 729 of all those donations have included food collected from local Co-op stores.

We’re looking for local causes to donate our unsold food to, apply now www.coop.co.uk/foodshare

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Charity Without Borders

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  1. Hello everyone do you know the amount of food wasted even out of date on shelves in stores and the wasted food even bottled juices all kinds, it is great to understand about food waste, a lot of help is on offer and friendly.

  2. Charity Without Borders also supplies food to a number of organisations in the Ashfield District and as the name suggests, to anyone anywhere that is for whatever reason is suffering from food poverty.
    I tend to deliver to support groups locally, but if there is someone in need elsewhere, a member of a referral organisation can collect directly from me.
    Anthony Lynch

  3. I hate waste and it’s nice to know that the people who struggle in this world are fed by food that would normally end up in waste bins.

  4. So good to read that again you are involved in so many community initiatives

  5. If you’re a member who is interested in the issue of food waste, head to our new Co-op Join In Community to discuss with other members and share your ideas and tips for reducing the amount of food you throw away. Co-op Food Policy team is looking to take forward some of the best ideas to help members manage food waste.

    • OLIO is the only decent food sharing App for business to people co op need to get on board with this its very simple many businesses use this successfully already


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