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Roundhay’s Ross receives Members’ Choice Award for outstanding service

The outstanding service provided by Ross Blackburn who works at our Roundhay store, to member, Susan Powell, has earned him the Members’ Choice Award in our 2019 #BeingCoop Awards.

Ross was one of over 1,500 Co-op colleagues who were nominated by members who joined in to share with us their stories of exceptional customer services. Susan, a member from Leeds, nominated Ross for the award after the service he provided, as she recovered from a brain haemorrhage during 2018.

Watch the video to hear from Ross and Susan.

Susan told us: “In 2018 I had a brain haemorrhage. Shopping was very difficult for me, as I struggle with balance, dizziness, speech and reading, co-ordination, counting and recognising money. Ross was on duty on most of my visits to this store.

“Without the help of Ross I would have lived on toast and jam sandwiches for quite a while! He will be unaware of this, as he was ‘just doing his job’, and may not recall much of it – there are customers with far greater needs. However, at times I felt I was the only customer. I tried not to bother the team as I know they are exceptionally busy, but Ross (and a few others) had the instinct of knowing when help was required and assisting as if it was the most natural thing, did not feel a nuisance, different or useless, just a normal customer which was very welcome.”

Ross said: “It was a huge surprise to be nominated for the award, and an even bigger surprise when I was told that I had won. I thought my manager was winding me up! I was just doing my job and helping a customer, in the way anybody would. It’s a good feeling to win the award, and it’s all made possible by the team we’ve got in this store.”

Thank you to Members for joining in the #BeingCoop Awards

Almost 1,400 members joined in to nominate over 1,500 members of staff who go above and beyond for their members, customers and communities. Thanks to Susan and all the members for sharing their inspiring stories and to all the staff they nominated for the amazing work they do in communities throughout the UK day in and day out. A huge congratulations to Ross, who is an outstanding example of ‘Being Co-op’, and whose caring, intuitive and natural manner made such a difference to Susan.

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Kerry Allison
Colleague Recognition Programme Lead

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  1. My beautiful friend Sue, who sadly passed away today. I will treasure this video of her 💜

  2. Test

  3. Thanks again, Ross, you made a huge difference and enabled me to get the essentials, not just a time or two, every time, consistently, for a number of months. You had my back most respectfully, discrete, kind, understanding, spotted when struggling with basket and (gratefully) took it to the till ready for when I completed shopping. With the help of yourself and wider team the fear, panic and anxiety of shopping decreased a little each week, recovery and confidence improved, my unofficial rehab team! All these little things (and more) combined proved to be very important to me and a lifeline It was wonderful to have an opportuntiy to nominate you and I am delighted you have received the award – congratulations! 🙂


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