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I’ve been the Principal of Co-op Academy Swinton for 6 years and we joined the Co-op Academies Trust just over a year ago. I’m incredibly proud to lead a school in the Co-op Academies Trust because it’s making such a difference to the children at the school and the wider community here in Swinton.

Making a difference in the lives of young people in Swinton

By choosing Co-op*, you’re helping to make a difference in the lives of young people attending Co-op Academy schools in so many ways. Students here benefit from unique opportunities like real work experience within a professional setting at Co-op’s Support Centre in Manchester. It’s a great chance for students to understand the world of work. Students also benefit from mentorship from colleagues at Co-op, not to mention the added financial support which means we can invest in improved facilities in the school.

The most important benefit for the students of Co-op Academy Swinton has to be showing children what opportunities are out there. If these young people don’t have that aspiration and the expectation to do better for themselves, they won’t succeed. Showing them what kind of life they could lead through hard work and a good job gets them motivated to do well in school.

Co-op Membership has changed

A school at the heart of the local community

Everything we do at Co-op Academy Swinton is underpinned by the Ways of Being Co-op, a guiding set of 4 principles for how we as teachers and students conduct ourselves and engage in our school, which was born out of the Co-op. They are:

  • Be yourself always
  • Succeed together
  • Do what matters most
  • Show you care

I was fortunate enough to go to a school with a lot of diversity among the student body. That means I grew up with the experience of knowing people from all races and cultures and you learn there are so many human connections between people, which are the most important. For me, that’s what community is about. We see the school, being a co-operative school, as something really special for our community in Swinton.

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Mark Harrison
Principal, Co-op Academy Swinton

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*Co-operative Group Ltd. has agreed to provide £3.6 million funding to Co-op Academies Trust to grow the number of Academies to 40 by 2022.
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  1. Swinton, Gtr Manchester – as opposed to Swinton, South Yorkshire. Is Mexborough comp still a Co-op academy? I seem to recall it was, or was going to be?

    • Hi Steve,

      No, Mexborough is not a Co-op Academy. There are co-operative academies not sponsored by the Co-op (which use the co-operative model), but having had a look at the schools and academies in Mexborough and the surrounding area, the Trust in this area is not a Co-operative Trust.


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