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Co-op Members have been working with our Co-op Ventures team to help them develop the Co-op Health app which launched in May.

People can order their repeat prescriptions through the app and choose how to get their medication – they can collect it from their chosen pharmacy, or get it delivered to their door for free.

Research is a key part of the design process we go through for any new digital service, so it made sense to get members involved in researching our new Co-op Health app. With members’ help, we’ve been able to identify their needs and motivations, and understand whether some of the assumptions we’d made along the way were the right ones. Putting the people we’re serving at the centre of our process allows us to create solutions suited to their needs.

Getting members involved

We held conversations with members throughout 2018 to find out how they ordered their repeat prescriptions and understand how Co-op could help. These conversations helped to develop the app and shaped the way we communicate about it.

In May, we invited members to take part in a ‘diary study’ where they documented their experience of creating a Co-op Health account through WhatsApp conversations.

We mapped the members’ experiences to help us understand their experience of setting up a Co-op Health account. We wanted to learn whether there were any shared problems or pain points we did not expect and could remedy.

By understanding what worked, what was difficult, and the language people used when they were talking about these things, we could see how we might be able to make things easier. We were able to fix technical problems with the app and make things clearer before we launched the app publicly. It also helped us understand how we could communicate the service to users in a language that’s meaningful to them – rather than industry terms that we might use in the team.

As we’re working with NHS and GP systems, parts of the process are out of our control. But we were able to use feedback from members to make our sign up instructions clearer, set expectations and reassure people about how the service works.

And members enjoyed being involved too:

  • “It has been great fun.”
  • “Thanks for way you ran it. Nice pace, and way to feedback”
  • “Well I’ve really enjoyed it and being able to help our Co-op in some small measure.”

What’s next

As well as improving the existing repeat prescription service, we’re also looking at what else we can do to make this a valuable health service for people.

Further research has shown that people are often frustrated when they have to phone their GP to get an appointment. So, we’re looking at how we can make this quicker, simpler and more convenient for people.

We’ll be continuing to do research to ensure that our app remains relevant to people’s needs, so if you’re a member, keep an eye out for future opportunities to get involved. And if you’d like to get involved in your Co-op right now, head to your member account and take a look at the opportunities we have available.

Joanne Schofield,
Lead Content Designer

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  1. For information. The Co-op Health App is not available in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland, it is only available in England. The New Ventures team are working with NHS England and GP systems in England. Unfortunately the article has not made this clear.


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