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Transforming this space has brought new life to our community. What used to be a space filled with anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, is now a garden which children and residents enjoy spending time in. It’s thanks to the local community coming together than we’ve achieved this, but without the support of companies like Co-op it would have been so much harder.

People can make a positive change to their community

Before we transformed this space in Walthamstow local residents didn’t feel safe, there was evidence of drug dealing alongside lots of anti-social behaviour. It wasn’t the type of environment that you’d want your children growing up in.

Over time more residents became concerned so we came together to make phone calls, take photos and send emails to local councillors. We then set up a Neighbourhood Watch to help get more of the community behind our cause.

We documented the area and campaigned councillors for 4 years and then Enjoy Waltham Forest came to our rescue with a plan to transform the area. We were completely blown away by what they wanted to do. Our best hope was that the space would get resurfaced and a couple of planters would be installed. But together we worked up the plans to include a rainwater garden feature and a landscaped garden with space for our community to get together.

Local residents created this space, look after this space and own this space.

We’ve gone from muggings and drug dealing to kids scooter club; the garden has been such a game changer and really helped the community come together. It’s shown people that they can make a positive difference in their direct environment if they take action.

Save your local space like we have

Co-op Foundation are currently looking for spaces in communities that would thrive from support. Together with Locality, they want to save, improve and protect spaces that matter. Head to their website and tell them about the local space you want to save.

Rebecca Booker
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

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  1. Do you have age restrictions? I am a senior citizen with time. I would like to do something to help my community.

  2. This was an encouraging read and I have shared on our new blog at https://www.nottswatch.co.uk/blog/358-people-can-make-a-positive-change-to-their-community. It would be great to have some of the residents and the NHW scheme members add their comments to our post.


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