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I first heard about Co-op’s commitment to plastic reduction through a Co-op Member Voice email. I saw Co-op was asking members to join in and make suggestions about packaging and as I’d just been in store buying eggs and plums, I’d wondered why plums couldn’t be sold in cardboard boxes like eggs are, without any plastic wrapping.

I submitted my idea for Co-op to consider, along with 8,000 other suggestions from Co-op Members. It was amazed when I heard my egg-box style packaging idea was shortlisted and put to a member vote and then won. Following this, I was invited up to Co-op’s Support Centre to see some packaging samples and hear how Co-op are putting my pulp packaging idea into practice.

It’s amazing to see my idea to help tackle plastic waste come to life at Co-op. It’s going to be used in the packaging of Co-op golden kiwis, ready-to-eat kiwis and pears, apples and organic avocado.

To meet with the Co-op team and learn more about what they’re doing tackle plastic waste was a fantastic experience. It’s great to see them talk with passion about it and I’m happy to hear that they are reducing their use of plastic, and where they do use it, they’re making it easy to recycle or reuse by 2023.

This Join In opportunity was fantastic for me as a Co-op Member and I’m excited to share that Co-op are working on several other member suggestions that came through from this activity!  If you’re a Co-op member, like me, sign in to your member account and take a look at the opportunities that are available to shape your Co-op right now.

Alice Leuenberger,
Co-op Member

Read more on how members shape our Co-op;


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  1. It’s so nice to hear that the co-op are actively asking customers how to improve services. Thousands of heads are better than just 1 team. Hats off to you all!!


  2. If Coop could reuse their own returnable glass jars and bottles this would save them from using energy by council recycling. Some stores are using cardboard boxes fo mushrooms but we need an alternative film ? Made from starch or seaweed.


  3. I am thrilled to hear this story. We all have a responsibility to reduce plastic useage but the retailers can make the biggest difference! I would love more glass bottles instead of plastic ones for milk and sauces too.



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