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Whether you’ve decided to take part in Veganuary, or you’re simply eating plant-based a few days a week, there are plenty of ways to eat less meat.

As a vegan, I would love it if everyone could try out a plant-based diet, but that’s not always possible. So I’ve put together some tips for introducing a plant-based ethos to your year if that’s what you choose to do:

Get creative in the kitchen

Unsure of what to cook? Think of your favourite meals and replace the animal products (such as cream, fish or meat) with vegan alternatives. From vegan cheese and eggless mayo to soya yogurt and coconut-based ice creams, there’s almost an alternative for everything.

Try out some new recipes

Have a go at cooking some delicious vegan meals from scratch. For some inspiration, check out Co-op’s recipe site for some easy vegan recipes to inspire you, I love the Cauli Boli and I’m definitely going to give the videos below a try this year.

Look out for vegan cheats

To make it even easier to eat a plant-based diet, supermarkets like Co-op stock plenty of tasty products with the vegan guarantee. One of my favourites is their ‘accidentally vegan’ doughnuts (especially the custard ones) which are so good – a proper indulgent treat. And you have to try the Co-op Incredible Vegan Burgers, which are perfect for a Friday night fakeaway.

Be flexible

People turn to a vegan diet for various ethical, environmental and health reasons. Whatever your reason, the important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to go completely vegan, especially as more people tend to eat a ‘flexitarian’ diet, meaning that you eat mostly plant-based, with occasional meat, dairy and egg products.

Do your research

You might be missing your favourite dessert, but there could be a vegan version out there. Co-op is launching its new plant based range this January and I’m looking forward to tasting everything. Knowing that I can pop into store and pick up lunch options like the Vegan Steak Bake and Hoisin Du’k Wrap for lunch is fantastic, it makes living a vegan lifestyle so much easier! Gro, plant-based eating made easy, see the full range here.

Hit social

Follow vegan foodie accounts by searching #vegan or #plantbased on Instagram. Get inspiration on everything from recipes and cooking tips to restaurant and product recommendations.

Remember, don’t worry if you slip up – it happens! I’ve been vegan for over ten years and I still make mistakes with hidden ingredients. Eating plant-based is definitely easier than you think, so why not give it a go!

Amy Muir

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  1. Thanks Amy for your excellent information & advice encouraging people to use more plant based foods & hopefully walk the full road to veganism. I have been vegan for 24 years & vegetarian for 22 years previous & I am so glad to be alive to see the vegan revolution taking place ,though there is much more changes that need to happen to help our animal friends & our mother earth , these acorn steps will grow a tree, good for our animal friends , the earth & people , thank you for inspiring people via your work , yours in solidarity Linda .

  2. Just as meat eaters need to be fussier about the quality of their meat and the conditions in which the animals were raised, vegans need to beware of the origins of the soya used in their products. Soya from the US,plus other grains, do not have to be marked as GM and are mixed with stuff that’s not GM. so people have no idea what they’re eating. Plus, are you sure your plant based diet didn’t involve the deswtruction of forest to grow it?

  3. Very pleased you are stocking foods for Vegans- at last people are rea[ising e are destroying the planet – growing crops to provide food for animals we kill to to provide food to feed us


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