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Are you guilty of skipping breakfast? Emily Scott of @whatiateforbreakfast tells us her tips for making it something worth getting out of bed for.    

Breakfast is best

My Instagram account celebrates all things breakfast. Why? Because breakfast is amazing. It sets you up for the day, providing much a much-needed boost in the morning. When I have something tasty planned for breakfast, it makes me excited to get out of bed, rather than keep pressing snooze – especially on dark winter mornings.

Unfortunately, breakfast is usually the most rushed meal of the day – it’s easy to grab a slice of toast as you dash out of the door or even skip it altogether. But through sharing my recipes, I hope to inspire you to take a moment to enjoy breakfast and be more creative in the mornings, even if you only have a spare 10 minutes.

Sweet or savoury?

I love both, but savoury is my go-to. I like to try ingredients that you might not consider as typical breakfast food, such as homemade pea and mint houmous on toast. Give it a go! Another favourite are vegetable fritters, as you can use any veggies you like, and there are plenty of flavour combinations – from Marmite and cheese to chilli and sweet potato. They’re also great if you have any vegetables that you need to use up.

Get creative

Inspired breakfasts don’t have to be complicated. Grab a pot of Co-op Greek style natural yogurt and make Turkish eggs – warmed yogurt topped with poached eggs and chilli-infused butter, plus toasted flatbread for dipping. For something sweet, try making this golden milk bircher, with gently spiced almond milk.

To make everyday breakfasts more interesting add flavour with herbs and spices. For example, liven up scrambled eggs by adding chives and chilli flakes, or stir ground cinnamon into porridge. Experiment with different combinations and don’t be afraid to use bold flavours.

Get ahead

If you find yourself skipping breakfast because you’re always in a rush to leave, make it the night before. I like to batch-cook recipes such as overnight oats or savoury egg muffins – they’re ideal as you can prepare a few days’ worth in advance, then take them with you for breakfast on the go.

Find more inspiration for breakfast recipes on Co-op website.

Creative, quick and easy, sweet or savoury – comment below and let us know what your favourite breakfast is.

Emily Scott

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  1. Poached eggs on yoghurt is a ridiculous concept. Waste of time read.

  2. If only I could buy coop breakfast cereals in my local store ! They are more affordable nutritious and delicious

    • Premium priced products given preference to coop products! £2:95 for a box of bran flakes?! In other stores I can buy coop branded for less than half the price


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