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Valentine’s Day expectations seem like they’re increasing every year. Spending lots of mony and lavish restaurants full of pricey, unpronounceable dishes is the baseline.

However, I like to do things a bit differently. This will be the first Valentine’s Day for my girlfriend and I together, and as an old romantic, I’m opting to do something more personal and closer to home instead.

So, this year I will be surprising my girlfriend by giving her flat a bit of a Valentine’s makeover. I’m thinking petals and scented candles, and this might be pushing the cheese factor too much, a few presents, like these Co-op Fairtrade chocolates, Irresistible Prosecco and Fairtrade roses, placed in a heart-shaped petal decoration. I admit, I love a bit of cheese.

Co-op Membership has changed

Speaking of cheese, you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without something indulgent for dinner. Co-op’s Valentine’s meal deal for two is just £6 and, you guessed it, I’ll be going for the macaroni cheese with a side. If you prefer a meat option there’s steak and fries also available. Plus if you’re a Co-op Member, you’ll be spreading the love further! As 1% of what you spend on Co-op products and services (like the meal deal) goes to local causes in your community.*

With the Valentine’s Day mood in full swing, it’s time for the comfy clothes, a cosy blanket and, of course, a romcom. You can’t go far wrong with a classic like Notting Hill or Hitch. And once the movie’s playing, there’s nothing like a cheeky dessert while cuddling up on the sofa. Luckily, Co-op’s Valentine’s meal deal also comes with Chocolate Melting Middle Pudding. Bargain!

Time to put our feet up, enjoy tasty food, and fall asleep in each other’s arms… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rishi Shah

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*The amount raised and given to local causes has been generated from the 1% our Members earn for local causes when they buy selected Co-op branded products and services from selected Co-op Group businesses. This doesn’t include purchases made in non-Co-op branded stores or independent societies. For more details view our Local Community Fund website.

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