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A quick history lesson about how our Co-op began saw Co-op member Amanda Hood win £175 for both her and her community when she joined in with our 175th birthday competition. Amanda donated the prize money to Headway in Portsmouth and explains why she chose to support the brain injury charity.

Like most of my family, I’ve been a Co-op Member for years and I love what the Co-op stands for. I often take part in surveys and take an interest in the things Co-op are doing.

I received my December Join In email and saw it was offering me the chance to win £175 for both me and a community cause in my local area. All I had to do was watch a short film about Co-op’s history and answer a few questions based on what I had seen.

Before watching the film, I didn’t really know much about Co-op’s membership roots or the 175th anniversary, so I certainly learnt something new.

It was simple to do and didn’t take up much time, so I thought I would just enter the competition. I really didn’t expect to win so I was delighted and surprised when I did.

I wanted to give the £175 community prize to a cause that was personal to me, somewhere where I knew it would be appreciated and really make a difference.

I chose Headway, a brain injury support centre in Portsmouth, because a friend of mine’s husband suffered a brain injury in an accident in December 2018. He’s had lots of surgery but is still in hospital now.

My friend has had to do lots of toing and froing to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. I knew she’d been getting some support from Headway, so I thought it would be nice to do something that would actually count for someone I know.

Headway are such a small local charity and they were delighted to receive the £175. When I visited them to present the prize money, they had just run out of coffee. They jokingly said they’d be spending the donation on tea, coffee and rare treats like posh chocolate biscuits. It was lovely to meet some of the team who will benefit from my competition win.

As for me, I’ll be spending my £175 winnings on a combination of regular shopping and treats at my local Queen Street store. I’m having a bit of a birthday party soon, so I’m going to stock up on some nice bottles of wine, nibbles and treats.

It’s great that members like me are asked for their opinions. It makes you feel a part of the Co-op and that we are being listened to.

I’ll definitely be joining in with opportunities like this again.

Amanda Hood
Co-op member

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  1. well done Co-Op and to winner – and ultimate use of money – every little helps


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