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Not only does choosing Fairtrade cocoa and chocolate from Co-op ensure a better life for producers around the world, you are directly helping to empower women and achieve gender equality in the cocoa industry.

How it all works

Fairtrade certification guarantees that producers always get paid enough to cover the cost of sustainable production, as well as an additional premium which goes towards supporting development programmes for the producer.

The Fairtrade standard uses minimum pricing, a premium social standing, and a voice for producers and campaigners to fight unfairness and inequality in supply chains all around the world.

Supporting initiatives for women

Anne-Marie Yao, Fairtrade’s regional cocoa manager for the Ivory Coast and Ghana, is the most inspiring woman I have met in my career. She knows better than anyone the positive impact that Fairtrade has on the women in her communities.

Through the Fairtrade Premium from the cocoa used as an ingredient in Co-op products, she was able to finance the Women’s School of Leadership. This initiative enables female farmers to fight for equality in their communities, giving them the self-confidence and knowledge to stand up for themselves, their children and other women in the community. They teach valuable business skills, and the importance of educating their children – both boys and girls – to encourage a change in mindsets that will influence future generations.

“By supporting Fairtrade, Co-op customers are not just changing lives now, but impacting future generations in Cote d’Ivoire.” Anne Marie

Choosing Fairtrade

Co-op has a long history of supporting Fairtrade cocoa producers. In 2000, we were the first retailer to sell own brand Fairtrade chocolate in the UK, and since May 2017 all the cocoa used in our own brand products has been sourced on Fairtrade terms. In addition to fair pay, this also results in a Fairtrade Premium going back to cocoa-producing communities for projects like the Women’s School of Leadership.

Find out more about the positive benefits of buying Fairtrade in the Understanding Fairtrade episode of the In It Together podcast, brought to you by Co-op.

Sarah Wakefield,
Sustainable Sourcing & Fairtrade Manager

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  1. more small co op shops please in town centers .

  2. Through her participation in the Gender Task Force of the World Banana Forum, Fairtrade s Global Product Manager for Bananas Silvia Campos is helping to identify best practice and interventions that can enhance women s well-being and empowerment in the sector. With the NGO Bananalink, we recently published a globe-scanning summary of these interventions, which range from basic training on how to combat sexual harassment and promote gender equality, to improving working conditions for expectant and nursing mothers.

  3. Dartford & District Branch of the Co-op Party have held two Fair Trade Fortnight events and raised funds for the Fair Trade Foundation in support of empowering more women to provide F/T Goods and Services. If we all do our bit in a Co-operative way the end result really will empower women across the globe improve their lives and that of their families also.


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