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An anchor in the community, Wight DASH is a charity dedicated to helping women overcome trauma such as domestic violence and childhood abuse. By identifying and harnessing women’s strengths and working with them in a positive way, the charity helps them discover their true potential. Co-op is supporting Wight DASH’s work, and we spoke to CEO Fiona Gwinnett about how the donated funds will go towards offering specialist resources to women who have experienced domestic abuse.

What is Wight DASH?

Wight DASH is a charity focused on helping women based on the Isle of Wight. Through recovery-based work, activities such as yoga and cookery, and ongoing intensive support, we help women and children to overcome problems such as trauma and domestic abuse.

‘Lots of the activities we run are food-based, such as making bread together or putting on brunch clubs. That’s because we believe in the power of cooking and eating together. Learning a new skill, such as cooking, is great for building self-esteem – and getting to eat your efforts at the end is the icing on the cake.’

Co-op Membership has changed

Who does the charity help?

‘The centre sees women and children from all walks of life come through its doors, for everything from using the phone to getting a haircut or having a massage. Wight DASH is designed to help the female community connect with other people and feel more in control of their lives, while also building self-esteem.

‘We’ve seen some incredible success stories so far, including Beth*, who battled and beat alcoholism and left an abusive relationship through the support of the Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit that we use. She now volunteers with Wight DASH and is an incredibly valued member of the team.’

How will Co-op’s support help?

‘We’re thrilled that Co-op will be helping – they’re committed to supporting local communities and share our belief in the power of food to bring people together. With Co-op’s support, we’ll be able to show as many people as possible what can be achieved when women support other women to be successful, by reaching out and spreading the word about our work. The funds donated will help many women who have experienced domestic abuse.’

When Co-op Members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 1% of what they spend goes to support local causes like Wight DASH through the Local Community Fund**. Find out more or select your local cause today.

*names have been changed

Fiona Gwinnett
CEO of Wight DASH

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  1. A charity well needed.

  2. I admire your support of Fair Trade and other worthy projects. I am pleased also you are beginning to support Vegans with ready meals and animal free products.


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