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Spring is a time for renewal and refreshment, at home as well as in nature. While everyone might be spending more time indoors than planned this Easter long weekend, it can be helpful to think of it as a chance to take stock and try something different. And it’s a great chance to get some tasty cooking done.

It’s easy to get stuck in a cooking rut making the same lunches and dinners again and again – so why not use this opportunity to try some new recipes? The weekend is a chance to create meals for yourself or your family that nourish. It doesn’t even have to involve much effort from you – you can put the ingredients in a slow cooker and leave it to do all the work!

Why slow cooking is amazing

During the week, dinner has to be squeezed into the few precious hours available, but the weekend blows that wide open, giving you the opportunity to cook in a more thoughtful way. Slow cooking food at a low temperature makes ingredients become more tender and intensifies the flavour with very little work on your part.

This method works across many cuisines and can mean spending less money on food, as cheaper cuts of meat really benefit from being given a longer cooking time. You can even freeze the leftovers for later in the week, making life easier in the long run.

Cooking for comfort

You don’t get more comforting than melt-in-the-mouth stews, robust curries and warming pasta. We all need bolstering during these uncertain times, and spending time crafting delicious meals is a constructive way to do that.

Recipe ideas

We’ve put together a range of recipes for different tastes and budgets. Get inspired for your next weekend cooking project!

Pulled beef sandwiches

Weekend cooking pulled beefIf you love pulled pork, you won’t be able to resist this. A little spicy and a little saucy, try serving the tender pulled beef in bread rolls with a sharp pickle on the side. An overnight marinade and long cooking time means this meat is worth the wait.

Apple cider butter

Weekend cooking apple butter

This is a great option for breakfast. Cook it at the weekend and it will feed you all week. Perfect for spreading on toast, crumpets or even drizzling over ice cream – get creative!

Lasagne rolls

Weekend cooking lasagne rolls

This vegan pasta needs careful assembly, making it ideal for a Sunday afternoon activity to keep hands busy and minds soothed. Creamy mushrooms and crispy breadcrumbs combine to create a dish that’s just sublime.

Slow cooker chilli

Weekend cooking slow cooker chilli

This is the ultimate chilli and it’s exceptionally versatile. Try eating it with rice or even in a taco. It uses chocolate and coffee for extra depth of flavour. Don’t forget the sour cream!

Chicken saag

Weekend cooking chicken saag

Instead of ordering a Saturday-night takeaway, try this warming homemade curry. Packed full of fresh vegetables, it’s low in saturated fat and full of flavour. Ideal with brown rice, you won’t miss having to wait for your dinner to be delivered.

If you give any of our recipes a try, share them with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @coopuk.

Alice Johnston
Co-op Food editor

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  2. I am running out of ideas so this is very encouraging to try different things. Thank you

  3. Great recipe ideas. Thank you Co-op. Your ethics and positivity are much appreciated. Well done!

  4. Thanks so much these ideas are brilliant and when you have cooked meals for yourself it’s a very Happy feeling. I am a person living all be aged 85. It also passes the day along and adds structure to your day.


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