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Let’s face it – the kitchen can be an intimidating place. But there’s no shame in not knowing how to fry an egg, make toast or even boil water.

It’s undeniable, however, that these are useful life skills; especially during lockdown. There’s no satisfaction like the kind you get when you sit down to eat a plate of food you prepared yourself. Your loved ones will thank you. Cooking’s also a great way to while away dull Sunday afternoons and brighten up grey weekday mornings.

We can support you in learning how to cook with our fantastic recipe site – here’s where to start.

Easy does it 

When you’re starting from scratch, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Try checking out our YouTube channel for tutorials on basic skills such as the videos below– it can be useful to see someone else in action before trying a new skill yourself.

Always be careful with knives, high temperatures and when carrying heavy pans. Keep it simple at first, then work your way up to more complicated dishes, rather than starting out with something tricky and getting discouraged.  

You can make do with almost any equipment you have no pasta-rollers or ice-cream makers are necessary. It’s almost always cheaper, healthier and more satisfying cooking from scratch instead of eating out or getting takeaways. Just keep your scrubbing brush handy for any spills!

You’ve got this! 

Even if all you’ve ever done is press ‘start’ on a microwave, you can learn how to cook! It’s all about confidence and having the right attitude. Our recipes are thoroughly tested and easy to follow, so they’re the ideal place to begin.

First steps 

Cook what you want to eat. Always had a thing for tacos? Try making your own! Things are bound to go south at times but you’ll always learn from your mistakes. If your first pancake doesn’t turn out right, move on to the next one and you’ll soon be flipping like a pro.

Recipe ideas 

Keep it simple at first, go slow and it’s impossible to fail. These recipes will suit every taste and budget, so pick your favourite and let’s get cooking!

Banana bread 

It’s a classic for a reason. Great for breakfast, dessert or as an afternoon snack, this gives over-ripe, mushy bananas a fantastic new lease of life. Try it toasted in slices and spread with some jam or butter.

Scampi tacos 

These soft-shell tacos use frozen scampi in a really effective way. A fresh salad and tasty peanut butter sauce join forces for a flavourful plate of food that will both impress and taste delicious.

Frozen yogurt bark 

Using only five ingredients, this frozen yogurt treat will keep in the freezer until the next time you need a refreshing snack on a warm day. Strawberries, honey and pistachios make it a dessert you won’t forget.

Baking sheet pancake 

There’s no need to flip our twist on a traditional pancake! Once you’ve made the batter, use your favourite toppings to customise this impressive breakfast. Whether you go for chocolate chips, banana or peanut butter, you’re sure to be back for seconds.

Filo wrapped asparagus  

Ideal for spring, when asparagus is in season, these impressive filo straws use breadcrumbs and Parmesan for a delicious crispy mouthful. Don’t forget the dip when you serve them!

Alice Johnston
Co-op Food editor

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