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The smell of home baking must be one of the best smells in the world! Cheering, soothing and with the promise of some sweet treat, what’s not to love? In these hard times, we all need a little comfort, and baking is a way to fill the hours that’s both productive and rewarding.

Give it a go

If you haven’t baked anything before, it can seem daunting – but we’re here to help! It really can be as easy as mixing ingredients in a bowl and popping them in the oven – just make sure you measure the ingredients carefully first. If your cake doesn’t rise, your biscuits spread into one giant blob or you accidentally add too much chocolate, no one’s going to judge you, and the results are almost always edible. Nothing will put more of a smile on your family’s face than a slightly lopsided cake that’s presented with love.

Now that you have some time on your hands, baking is a skill that will stay with you for life. You’ll soon be able to make your own version of a favourite instore bake from the comfort of your own kitchen, and finally use that half-eaten bag of nuts taking up space in the cupboard. Comforting and rewarding, baking is the perfect way to pass the time on a long evening or rainy weekend.

Tips & tricks

If you can’t get hold of certain ingredients, try using what you have. With no one to please but yourself, you can be truly creative with flavour combinations. Get your kids or housemates involved. Before you know it, you’ll be a dab hand with a piping bag!

Recipe ideas

Whether you’ve never even seen a bag of flour before, or you’re a pro with melted chocolate, these recipes will fit your taste, budget and time.

1. Raspberry Straws

You can’t get easier than this – but these straws are so delicious, nobody will be able to guess you made them in a matter of minutes! Using a clever combination of ready rolled puff-pastry and homemade raspberry jam, they’re a fun and seasonal addition to your table.

2. Eton Mess Cheesecake

Our Eton mess cheesecake hybrid brings strawberries, prosecco, cream and meringue together on a crunchy biscuit base – summer on a plate!

3. Classic Lemon Tart

A bakery classic, it doesn’t matter if your tart looks more rustic than those adorning the windows of French patisseries – it will still taste delicious! Sharp and creamy, no wonder it’s so popular.

4. Cookie Dough Pancakes

Crumbled chocolate chip cookies work a treat in these fluffy pancakes.

5. Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Fluffy and light, no chocoholic will turn down these cute cupcakes. With coffee, vanilla and Fairtrade cocoa powder, they taste amazing and can be out of the oven and into your mouth in just over half an hour.

6. Vanilla and Pea Cake

Peas lend this cake a beautifully vibrant colour and a surprising sweetness.

7. Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Box Cake

For those days when even switching on the oven feels like too much work, turn to this ice box cake for a sweet hit. It looks very impressive, but is deceptively easy to make. Cookies, hazelnuts and whipped cream combine to make a mouth-watering dessert.

8. Leek, Apple and Cheese Pie

Not all baking has to be sweet – this savoury pie is a tasty choice for dinner.

9. Tropical Chocolate Bark

A flavourful and easy bake that’s ideal for making with kids.

If you give any of our recipes a try, share them with us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook @coopuk.

Alice Johnston
Co-op Food editor

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  1. Bit pointless given that it is impossible to buy the ingredients, in particular eggs and flour. Home baking with kids to the extent that is happening is excessive and becoming selfish by the emptying of stores of eggs and flour. The post simply encourages the selfish shopping.


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