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There’s nothing quite like ordering a takeaway. The anticipation once you’ve placed your order, the delight of opening the door to grab the delicious-smelling bag of grub and the pure pleasure of tucking in from the comfort of your own sofa. Unless, that is, your local Indian’s been shut for weeks, Nando’s doors are closed and you can’t get hold of a McNugget for love nor money.

That’s where these recipes come in. Not only is it possible to recreate your fast-food faves in your own kitchen, you can do it even when the restaurants are closed. It’s healthier and will give your wallet less of a bashing, too.

Better for you

Cooking up takeaway classics on your own stove means that you can control exactly what goes into them. With everything made fresh, you’re likely to eat a meal that’s less laden with fat – and probably tastier.

Even better, you can customise it to your taste. If you always wish for extra lime juice on your pad Thai, there’s nothing stopping you from adding some to every forkful. Or if you’re never quite satisfied by the amount of gherkin in your burger, now’s your chance to rectify that.

Making your dinner rather than ordering in means you also don’t have to fork out for extra guacamole. You can go all out!

Create an experience

Cooking a fakeaway is about capturing the experience of ordering in. Make your kids giggle by ringing the doorbell while holding plates full of noodles, then enjoy their laughs when they open the door. Decant ketchup and mustard into tiny reusable containers for a truly authentic restaurant-condiment experience. You could even try serving a burger wrapped in paper – diners will feel like they’re receiving a present.

All of these recipes will be familiar – pick the dish you miss ordering the most and give it a go:

1. Jerk chicken skewers with mango rice

Tender, spicy chicken, plus cool, tangy yogurt sauce and juicy chunks of mango come together in this gluten-free recipe. Once tried, thoughts of ordering hot chicken from your favourite Caribbean spot will be forgotten.

2. Pad Thai style courgetti

This flavourful noodle dish supplements egg noodles with courgetti to add extra freshness and texture to a Thai classic. Ginger and chilli provide a spicy punch – don’t forget the peanuts and lime slice when you’re serving up.

3. Chicken katsu curry with pickled cucumber

Ready-made chicken goujons make this curry a slam dunk for a quick weeknight dinner. Based on a Japanese favourite, it’s easy, tasty and exceptionally comforting.

4. Hereford burger, bacon and ultimate burger sauce

This really is the ultimate burger – by making it yourself, you can customise it however you like. Want extra tomato? Go for it! Our delicious burger sauce adds the finishing touch.

5. Frying pan pizza

If you’ve always thought making pizza at home was too much of a challenge, this is the recipe for you. Forget waiting for the doorbell to ring – you can enjoy this pizza when it’s fresh out of the oven.

6. Crispy fish balls with sweet and sour sauce

You can create the takeaway classic of sweet and sour in your own kitchen – and you’ll never run out of sauce, because you can always make more! These crispy fish balls are sweet, spicy and addictive.

7. Egg-drop noodles

Satisfying yet easy, this Chinese-inspired soup makes a comforting and flavourful dinner. If you’re missing tucking into noodles from your favourite local spot, this is the one for you.

8. Ultimate sausage roll

Let’s face it – taking the first huge bite of a warm, flaky sausage roll is one of life’s pure pleasures. Sausage, chorizo, nuts and dried fruit come together in buttery pastry in this tasty recipe.

9. Mini fish tacos

Tacos are great for sharing and trust us – your children, housemates and relatives will be so happy when you make our crispy fish versions. Avocado and crushed peas complete these mouthfuls of joy.

If you give any of our recipes a try, share them with us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook @coopuk.

Alice Johnston
Co-op Food editor

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