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One of the amazing things about Co-op is that eligible Co-op Members get the chance to influence how we do business by casting their vote at our  Annual General Meeting  (AGM) and electing our Member Nominated Directors  (MNDs) and Council Members

Our AGM offers members’ the opportunity to hear the Chair, CEO and Council President review the year. Members can ask questions and have their say on the future of Co-op by voting on motions.  

Our AGM is still going ahead, on 6 June 2020, but it will look different this year. We’re asking our members not to attend, for their own safety and that of others. You don’t need to be there in person to let us know your views – if you’ve received a letter or email from us, you can vote online or by post any time before 1 June and have your say on important issues.  

Members can ask any questions they have about all things Co-op and submit them to agm@coop.co.uk. We will aim to answer as many of them as we can.  

On the day of the meeting, we’ll be streaming live on YouTube, so members can still be a part of the event and hear the latest updates from our directors.  

What have we achieved in the past year? 

Thanks to our members who voted, we have: 

  • Helped the colleagues working in our stores to feel safer by investing in equipment, training and innovation for safety. This has allowed us to fund technology such as headsets and tablets to increase communication in stores and to help tackle the problem of violent crime in communities.  
  • Increased Co-op’s commitment to Fairtrade through publicising our efforts. We’ve also been busy boosting the visibility of Fairtrade across our business and are looking to extend the range of Fairtrade products we stock.  
  • Continued to dedicate ourselves to sourcing food responsibly and researching science-based plans to reduce emissions. We also published our plans to reduce our environmental impact and restore nature, including replanting 5,000 trees at Chester Zoo. 

This year’s motions 

If a motion is approved by members at the AGM, we’ll work out how we can bring it to life through what we do. 

You can have your say on motions on the following themes: 

Ethical retailing 

This motion, from Independent Societies, builds on Co-op’s existing commitment to Fairtrade, the importance of plant-based diets, animal welfare and healthy eating.  

Climate change 

One of our Council Members, Kat Rose, reached out to Co-op Members to ask them for their views on how Co-op could tackle climate change. Their ideas were then fed into shaping our Members’ Council’s climate change motion. With our members’ backing, it’s asking the Board to increase Co-op’s efforts to tackle climate change, reducing and eliminating emissions and driving greater sustainability.  

Support for the wider co-operative movement 

This motion from Independent Societies would see Co-op continue to work with others to support and energise the co-operative movement in a way that builds on the successes of generations of previous co-operators who established such firm foundations. It would also provide opportunities for learning from other recent movements whose impact and relevance, especially among young people, offers lessons for us all.   

For more information, head to our website and don’t forget to cast your votes by 1 June. 

Hazel Blears 
Co-op Member Nominated Director 

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  1. Hi. The health and safety of colleagues, customers and members is our priority. We are following Government advice which does not enforce colleagues working in retail to wear face coverings, but its use is being strongly encouraged and sits alongside a range of protective equipment and strict procedures in place in stores including visors, protective screens, disposable face coverings and social distancing measures Thanks. ^Jamie

  2. You are requiring customers to wear face masks now they are mandatory but, in my local store today only one of the seven staff working in store was wearing any face covering at all. So. Customers are required to protect staff and other customers from Corona Virus but, the staff apparently don’t believe they should. This will stop me shopping in the store in future.

  3. Were I able to buy organic vegetables, salads and meat (not fish, of course) I would shop at the co-op every time!


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