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There are certain food pairings that are simply meant to be: fish and chips, spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter and jam, bacon and eggs… The list goes on. And I’ve discovered another fantastic duo to add to the list – booze and ice cream!

So, to celebrate National Ice Cream Month (throughout July), I thought I’d share some of Co-op’s very best boozy frozen desserts, along with lots of fantastic flavour pairings, so you can make your very own creations at home. Think Champagne sorbet Slushies and bourbon ice-cream floats…Have I got your attention? Warning: these are strictly for grown-ups.

3 of the best boozy ice cream desserts

Gin-infused ice cream float

Based on a retro favourite, this easy gin cocktail is ideal for summer. It uses a dash of Co-op Irresistible Grapefruit & Gin Liqueur, plus a pouring of grapefruit juice, to make a tangy drink, before being topped with a ball of vanilla ice-cream. Grab a straw (and a spoon!).

Cream liqueur ice cream

No ice-cream machine? No problem! This seriously easy frozen dessert doesn’t require one. Simply whip together all the ingredients, then freeze until you’re ready to serve.

Beer float

Ice cream and beer come together in this pint-sized treat – and it takes just 15 minutes! An indulgent pudding for two that you can make any day of the week.

How to make boozy desserts at home

Try experimenting at home with some of these cracking combinations. Transform nostalgic childhood favourites – think ice-cream floats and Slushies – into an adults-only affair. Kids, hands-off!

Salted caramel & bourbon ice cream float

Sit a scoop of Co-op Irresistible Salted Caramel Ice Cream on top of a glass of ginger beer spiked with whisky for a punchy pud that combines both cool and fiery flavours. The subtle heat of the ginger beer paired with the buttery, caramelised tones of the ice cream is an unusual combination, but one that really works.

Pink lemonade & vodka Slushie

Fancy something refreshing? This is just the ticket. Pimp a glass of vodka soda by swirling through a frozen Co-op Irresistible Sicilian Lemon Pink Lemonade Ice Lolly! Leave the lolly to melt slowly into the drink for a boozy, Slushie-style beverage – best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day.

Raspberry, peach & Champagne Slushy

Co-op’s Peach & Raspberry Duo Sorbet is pretty tasty as it is, but I highly recommend adding dash of Champagne sparkle to the mix for an extra-special dessert to offer friends and family. Bottoms up!

Jonathan Howard
Co-op Product Developer Delicious Food Team

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