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Over the past few months, tinned food has really come into its own. With the nation spending more time at home during lockdown, people have had to turn to their storecupboards for make-at-home meals.

Food that comes in a tin is now, for many, a staple in everyday cooking. And to that I say: it’s about time! Storecupboard ingredients provide a wealth of inspiration and allow us to be spontaneous and creative in our cooking.

Finger on the pulse

My new cookbook Take One Tin is all about showcasing the many types of tinned ingredients and everything they have to offer, while hopefully giving you the confidence to experiment with this versatile foodstuff along the way. No tinned tuna? That’s fine: try salmon or mackerel! Tinned food can be a great substitute for missing ingredients, as well as being the star of the show. Plus, they’re nutritious, inexpensive and long-lasting, which means you can enjoy great-tasting fruit, fish, pulses and more all year round!

Because the bulk of the ingredients I’ve used in my recipes are from the storecupboard, you can make each recipe without a shopping list as long as your arm, or without even leaving the house. Better still, many of my recipes contain 10 ingredients or fewer. Here are six of my favourite tinned recipes to get you started…

6 quick & easy tinned recipes

1. Mackerel tacos

My citrus-laden salsa and the tangy soured cream are best friends with the fish and hot sauce from the storecupboard. These are fun and easy to rustle up – perfect with a cold beer.

2. Roasted chick pea & squash pasta

The sweetness and softness of squash works brilliantly with the crisp, mild nuttiness of the tinned chickpeas, all wrapped in gloriously warming spice from your stash. It’s mixed with storecupboard pasta and tangy yogurt, then topped with lemony breadcrumbs.

3. Coconut milk set cream

I love panna cotta – it’s so simple and delicious. This is a tropical variation, based on tinned coconut and served with juicy pineapple, also from a tin.

4. Spiced cannellini beans on toast

Who doesn’t love baked beans? Here, I’ve invented a homemade alternative: sweet, spicy and warming. If you like, double up the quantities and freeze any leftovers for a rainy day.

5. Sweetcorn cakes with green chutney

These sweet and mellow corn cakes go beautifully with the punchy, tart chutney. This would work well as a perk-me-up brunch dish or light supper. For a more substantial meal, or if you’re feeding a crowd, try serving it with some crispy bacon and roasted tomatoes on the side.

6. Pineapple, lime & coconut cake  

Coconut and lime make a cracking duo in this tropical cake! In my view, it’s best served with a big scoop of rum ‘n’ raisin ice cream. You can easily make it ahead of time, too; simply warm in the microwave for a few seconds before serving.

Fancy a copy of Lola’s book? Order it here: Take One Tin or check out her website for more information.

Lola Milne
Food Stylist and Recipe Writer

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