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During these uncertain, unsettling and often bewildering times, staying connected is more important than ever. Where I once took even the simplest of actions, such as having a casual conversation, for granted, I’m now hyper aware of the importance of making the little things count. In fact, over the last few months, I’ve made a conscious effort to focus on myself and learn more about the world I live in.

It is a great pleasure, therefore, to present the brand new In it together podcast – brought you by Co-op, where I talk about everything from community to food and wellbeing, all within the context of Covid-19.

What to expect

Throughout the seven episodes, I chat to celebrities, experts and creators to bring you conversations that are both entertaining and moving, across a variety of topics. We leave no stone unturned!

One particular highlight for me is a conversation with mental health advocate Malin Andersson. We discuss her experiences of loss, the hurdles she has had to overcome, and how, by sharing her story, Malin constantly strives to help others going through similar situations.

Another wonderful discussion appears in the ‘Better Together’ episode, where I speak to Shelf Help creator Toni Jones. We discuss the ways it’s possible to remain connected to our local communities, even from within the comfort of our own home.

Skip to episode five, where TV presenter and broadcaster Anita Rani, and Co-op environment manager Ian Ferguson, discuss a few simple changes that everyone can adopt to live a more sustainable life. Living sustainably is something I’ve always wanted to be better at – but didn’t know where to start! Tune in for some valuable insight into how we can all improve our way of living to benefit the planet. 

And there’s (so much) more! Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, and Laura Willoughby MBE, discuss mindful drinking; vegan chef Rachel Ama shows me how to cook with miso; and I find out how to barbecue a watermelon with YouTuber Gaz Oakley.

Truthfully, the In It Together podcast – brought to you by Co-op, has pushed me to participate in conversations that I would never otherwise have had. We can gain so much from our friends, peers and neighbours just by talking to each other. It’s that simple.

Join the conversation and become a part of our community. We really are all in this together.

Yasmin Evans
Host of the In It Together podcast – brought to you by Co-op

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