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Co-op Members have raised a staggering £502,003.39 by donating the 5% reward they receive when they buy selected Co-op products and services to a Co-op Members’ Coronavirus Fund. 

We know our members are keen to do their bit and make a difference in their communities, which is why in April we launched a crisis fund where members could help those most in need simply by donating their unspent shopping reward via their online membership account.  

How it will help

Over the past five months, more than 70,000 members have generously contributed some – or all – of their reward balance to help feed those going hungry across the UK through Fareshare, support families who are struggling to pay for a funeral for a loved one sadly lost due to Coronavirus and aid community causes affected by the outbreak. 

Thanks to our members, the money raised is already making a huge difference in communities across the UK by helping organisations support people through the pandemic. 

Donations are helping projects like Tiger Community Enterprise to produce face masks for key workers in the East Midlands and support food share charities like Connect Aid to deliver food to vulnerable people in Shropshire.   

Health support groups – such as Changing Minds Kent – are also benefiting from the fund. It’s also helping Kids Together Belfast support young people with disabilities and enabling Counsellors Southwest CIC to provide assistance to vulnerable patients in Devon too.  

Members share their thoughts

We caught up with Co-op Members to ask what they thought of the fund, why they decided to contribute to it and how they found the process.  

Impressed with how Co-op has ‘led the field’ in its response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Morecambe Bay Food bank employee, Briony Scott, said: “It was so simple and easy to donate to the fund. A couple of clicks and it was done.”  

By setting up the fund, Co-op is proving that it is more than “a series of shops but is also making a positive contribution to local communities,” said David Lawson.  

“A lot of people are clearly experiencing worse difficulties than me as a result of the virus and this seemed like a very good way of making a small contribution towards trying to help,” he said.  

Sarah Willcox saw details of the initiative on social media and was pleased when she received an email explaining how she could get involved.  

“Most of my reward was built up because we paid for my mother’s funeral with Co-op and she would have wanted the money to go to such a good cause,” she said.  

Having used Co-op’s Will services, Rosemary Read had been left wondering what do with her reward balance.  

“I don’t have a local food store, so when I received an email about the Coronavirus fund which clearly set out what the money would be used for, it seemed the ideal opportunity to put my balance to the best possible use,’ she said.  

“I was delighted to be able to make a contribution to a cause which offered very positive help to people severely affected by the pandemic.    

“It is also quite unusual to be able to use rewards gained from spending money for the benefit of others.”  

With a reasonable sum of membership rewards built up, Tony Judd said donating to the fund was ‘an easy way of helping others’.  

“I’m aware that many have struggled (and still are) during the pandemic. It was effectively free money to me and seemed an entirely appropriate cause,” he said.  

Members said they would welcome similar opportunities to donate in the future.  

“It was a great idea to set up the fund. I often mean to donate to charities and food banks. This option made it very easy to do,” said Nick Robinson.  

There are many ways you can get involved with your Co-op. Head to your member account to see what opportunities are currently available.  

Greg Hutchison
Director of Membership & Personalisation 

Read how more on how Co-op support local communities:

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  1. Hi Teresa, you can call us on 0800 0686 727 to update your preferences, or login to your online account. If you’d like us to set up your online account, please private message me your full name, date of birth postal address, email address and your Co-op membership number, so I can sort this for you. 🙂 Thanks ^Hannah

  2. How do you donate or change charity i see lots of if you want to join but i have joined and cant get into donating

  3. I haven’t got a computer &am not good on the fone either so I will use the fone nuber given to donate because am impressed with all your charitable work

  4. Hi, Thanks for getting in touch, and we’ll feed this back. If you’re still having trouble logging into your membership account please do not hesitate to get in touch below on 0800 023 4708 or ^Nat

  5. I found this easy to get the information as I do not have an account.I was able to get onto this site through a straight email from the Co-op.After having a lot of difficulty with the sign in account system I have chosen not to use it.Pease continue with the ability to get the information through a straight email from the Co-op.

  6. Thank you for the support! 🙂 ^Hannah

  7. Hey Peggy, if you email our community team I’m sure they’d be more than happy to advise. I’ve popped their email below. ⬇️ Thanks ^Cress

  8. I have been trying to find out how much has been raised for Perranporth War Memorial Hall. Where do I find this.

  9. nother missed chance to show the Co-op difference!

  10. Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. If you go to, that should take you there. Regards. ^Karen

  11. It says how people are donating their reward points to help others but there is no link anywhere that I can see where I can do the same

    • Hi Lynn, It’s really easy, all you need to do is, go to your co-op account on your phone/ computer or laptop, scroll down and you will find all the different options, click on the one you want and donate to a good cause of your choice.
      I hope this helps, good luck and all the best.

  12. It says how people are donating their reward points to help others but there is no link anywhere that I can see where I can do the same. Lynn Gorman


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