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As we trundle towards the end of the year, I find myself craving a sense of normality – specifically of the cosy and comforting kind. To me, that looks like Friday nights spent in front of the telly (hello Strictly – old friend) while munching my way through a spectacular, home-cooked dinner.

Luckily, Co-op are on hand to help with the cooking part with its fantastic range of Ready To Cook dinners – including a couple of newly launched options. Or, if the weekend isn’t really the weekend without a pizza in front of you, then Co-op’s premium range of Irresistible pizzas has you covered. Cheers to TV dinners – I say! Here are some of my favourites to cosy up with this month.

A reason to stay in…

At the end of a long week, the thought of cooking something from scratch isn’t necessarily at the top of my list. That’s where Co-op’s Ready To Cook range comes in. Bring on the nostalgia with Co-op Chicken Kievs – British chicken breasts stuffed with a garlic and herb butter, then coated in a crunchy garlic and herb crumb. Serve simply with Co-op Fries and Co-op Green Veg Medley on the side to complete the meal.

Other crowdpleasers include Co-op Hunters Chicken, which is a smoky dish flavoured with streaky bacon, Cheddar and Red Leicester cheese, and a lip-smackingly good barbecue sauce. Or, enjoy the satisfaction of a proper roast chicken dinner (without having to prepare it yourself) by popping this Co-op Garlic & Herb Spatchcock in the oven. Plus, it’s ready to eat in just 60 minutes! Now that’s worth staying in for.

A pizza perfection

Perhaps you prefer the carby call of this Italian classic… Skip the takeaway and level up your pizza night with the Co-op Irresistible range. Each pizza is bursting with Italian flavours and all come on recyclable carboard trays, saving 200 tonnes of non-recyclable polystyrene each year. Yes – another great reason to pick up a pizza for dinner tonight!

If you’re a fan of a classic, then you’ve got to give Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Margherita Pizza a try. It’s the perfect example of a simple meal done really well – a stonebaked base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Sunblush® tomatoes and pesto. What’s not to love?

Or, if you’re like me and prefer a pizza with exciting toppings, then Co-op has some really spectacular options to fit the bill. My favourites include Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Prosciutto Cotto, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza – it’s a mouthful to say and a delicious one to eat! A crispy base topped with slices of prosciutto cotto, creamy mascarpone cheese and garlic Portobellini mushrooms. Bellissima!

Feeling a bit fancy? Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Truffle Salsiccia Pizza makes for a grown-up option, preferably served with a crisp glass of white wine – try Co-op Fairtrade Pinot Grigio for something fruity and friendly on the wallet. It’s a date-night dinner combo that beats going out any day.

Or, combine two great Italian dishes in one with Co-op Irresistible Wood Fired Chicken Arrabbiata Pizza. A fantastic choice for lovers of chilli, it’s also topped with an array of sweet roasted red and yellow peppers.

Haven’t seen anything you like yet? There’s plenty more to dig your teeth into! Check out Co-op’s full range of pizza, pasta and ready meals.

What Friday night dinners do you enjoy? Share with us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook @coopuk.

Laura Clark
Co-op Product developer

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  1. Hi Ann. I am sorry to see this. Our stores have some substituted offer items in these circumstances. Please can you let me know which store you visited which items were missing and I can look in to this for you. Regards. ^Karen

  2. On the freezer deals, example 5 for a fiver, there is never all products available in my local store, and I mean never! Only been able to take up offer twice in 12 months. Never offer an alternative, when enquire, juse no we’ve run out of one product in deal!!!

  3. Hi Ivor! Which store please? ^Hannah

  4. why have you stopped doing birds eye fish cakes……7

  5. Hey Karen, great suggestion! I’ll put it forward to our marketing team! ^Kay

    • I am very very disappointed at my coop store in Mottingham SE9, that they do not stock my favourite small coop beef lasagna, that I have to go elsewhere now, there is absolutely NO explanation for this from any one.

  6. It would be nice if more vegetarian/vegan food and recipes were available on promotional emails. As the majority of my household do not eat meat what is sent to me is of little use. As diets are shifting more towards being meat free it would be beneficial for the CO-OP to be more involved with this change. Many thanks.


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