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We know that community spirit and collective commitment is stronger than ever, but unfortunately the lasting impact of the Coronavirus crisis has the potential to further divide the nation, whilst the devastating impact of the pandemic has shone a light on some of the inequalities which exist in our country. It’s clear there is an overwhelming desire in our customers and members to take action to make positive impact on the causes which mean the most to them, but it isn’t always easy to do so.

The big issues which matter most to you now

Coronavirus has altered most of our world-views, putting sharply into perspective what’s important to us, our communities and to the world we share. Our latest independent study* found the issues we care most about include:

  • mental health (56%)
  • unemployment (49%)
  • food poverty (35%)
  • youth inequality (25%)

Worryingly, 40% of respondents felt that services to tackle these key issues, have become harder to access in the last six months. During lockdown we saw communities’ step up to support local people and our membership programme will enable local causes, partners and community groups to do even more.

Co-operating towards a common solution

By becoming a Co-op Member, you can be part of the solution. When our members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p for every pound spent goes to community causes, targeting communities that need the extra help the most. The funds raised by members will be split two ways, supporting the:

  1. Local Community Fund, helping thousands of grassroots community causes
  2. Community Partnerships Fund, creating lasting change on big issues like access to food, mental wellbeing support, and education and employment for young people, in partnership with like-minded organisations. 

As we strive to support the recovery of all communities over the next 10-years, co-operation will be key. There is still more to do. Join us.

Rebecca Birkbeck
Director of Community, Co-op

* Independent survey conducted by Co-op, September 2020: 2,000 respondents of all ages

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  1. Hey there!
    If you could DM us with your full name, home address, email address and membership number I can do that for you.


  2. Hello how do I change my address on your records please

    Debbie Flint Sent from my iPhone



  3. Yes, all these things, plus spirituality, which rarely gets mention. The other point I have not seen raised it that I stopped using my co-op card early in March when I began to have to use shops that deliver to ones home only. Indeed I have not been into any shop since then. So I was only able to give my rather feeble accumulated co-op discount money when we were asked to help out by giving permission for this to be given to a foodbank.
    So if you were able to deliver that would be great for me, other people and the food banks. I would joyfully hand over whatever money was eligible to be taken off my bills. Also I have discovered that several of the people who deliver for other shops are, or at least were, things like airline pilots until recently! Food for thought maybe?!



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