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There are plenty of reasons to go booze-free this year, whether it’s to balance out the excess of Christmas feasting, save money, ditch those dreaded hangovers or simply to take better care of your health. While not drinking certainly has its perks, making the switch to sobriety can still seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be!

The trick is to find a tipple you love. Forego that sorry-for-itself can of pop and sip on a drink you really enjoy. From syrups to spritzers, cordials, mocktails and more, these non-alcoholic drinks prove that going booze-free really can open up a whole new world of flavour.

The best non-alcoholic drinks for Christmas

1. Easy pineapple peel syrup

The best bit about this sweet pineapple syrup is that it’s made from the leftover peel and core, for a nifty way to minimise food waste. It’s versatile too – serve with lemonade, ginger ale or simply soda water. 

2. Cranberry spritz mocktail

Cranberries are delicious in more than just cranberry sauce! Try this sparkling spritz for a fruity and refreshing twist on a mojito.

3. Ginger and rosemary spritzer

If you love the fiery flavour of fresh ginger, then this mocktail is for you. It’s made with Co-op Indian tonic water, ginger, rosemary, orange and peppercorns and certainly has a kick! Garnish with sprigs of fresh rosemary and orange wedges.

4. Co-op Irresistible Elderflower pressé

For a soft drink with a difference, look beyond cola and try this floral elderflower pressé. It’s lightly sparkling and makes a thirst-quenching drink served over ice. Perfect if you’re looking for a lighter option this Christmas!

5. Apple and blackberry cordial

This beautiful berry number takes 20 minutes to make and only requires three ingredients – apples, blackberries and sugar. Serve with fizzy water for a fruity fix during the festive season.

6. Raspberry and rosé mocktail

Searching for a last-minute mocktail recipe? This speedy sip takes five minutes to throw together and looks oh-so elegant served in martini glasses. Garnish with lots of ice and fresh raspberries, if you like.

7. Co-op low-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc

If a crisp glass of white is your tipple of choice, you don’t have to miss out just because you’re going booze-free! This low-alcohol sauvignon blanc makes a fantastic alternative, with a light citrusy flavour and clean finish. Or, if red is more your thing, check out Co-op low-alcohol Cabernet Tempranillo, packed with plum and currant flavours.

8. Apples and pears mocktail

British fruits are the star of the show in this cloudy alcohol-free cocktail. Blend fresh pears, apple juice, lemon, ginger and honey for a flavour-packed drink that’s bound to fire up the senses.

9. Apple and cinnamon spritz

The addition of cinnamon in this 10-minute spritz adds festive flair and a touch of warmth – an alcohol-free twist on an apple martini.

10. Make it your own!

The best way to discover a drink you really like is to craft one yourself. So, experiment with different combinations, discover your favourite products and become your very own mixologist. 

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Check out the Sober Curious episode of the In It Together podcast, brought to you by Co-op, to discover top tips for anyone thinking about changing the way they drink.

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