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Food editor Linzi Pucino shares her tips for making perfect pancakes every time, along with 10 spectacular stacks to see you through Pancake Day and beyond.

I’m a firm believer that pancakes should be a year-round staple. Whether it’s a giant, fluffy stack fit for lazy Sunday mornings, or classic crêpes stuffed with leftovers from the fridge on a weeknight, I’ll find a reason to whip out my frying pan any day of the week.

And with these 10 knockout recipes, there really is a pancake for every occasion. I’m talking a fluffy stack of banana beauties for breakfast, crunchy kimchi fritters for lunch and spiced Indian-inspired pancakes to round off the day. Whichever you choose, check out my tips below for making perfect pancakes every time — then have a scroll through some of my favourite sweet and savoury recipes.

Tips for making perfect pancakes

Better batter

Don’t overwork the batter or you’ll end up with dense and heavy pancakes. Lightly mix until everything is just incorporated, then rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This allows the gluten in the flour to relax, for light and fluffy pancakes.

Turn up the heat

Do you find your first pancake is a fail? People often make the mistake of not getting the pan hot enough first. Test the temperature by spooning a small dollop of batter in the pan — it should go golden and crisp in under a minute, ready for flipping.

Have fun with the flavour

Pimp your pancakes by adding flavourings to the batter. Try a pinch of cinnamon, a little lemon zest or a handful of chopped nuts for crunch.

Have faith in the flip

Brush the pan with melted butter between each round of pancakes to ensure they don’t stick. Then, use the momentum of the pan to flip your pancakes, making sure you get some good height underneath. Alternatively, you could use a spatula.

10 sweet and savoury pancake recipes for every occasion

1. Classic pancakes recipe

When it comes to topping these delicate crêpe-style pancakes, it’s got to be lemon and sugar. Who’s with me?

Best for: Any day of the week

2. Peanut butter and jelly pancakes

Fluffy American-style pancakes are topped with warm peanut butter, a quick homemade jam and crunchy salted peanuts. They’re a surefire way to get you out of bed in the morning!

Best for: Weekend brunching

3. Vegan banana and salted peanut pancakes

If you’re looking for a fluffy pancake recipe that’s also vegan, you can stop the search. These plant-based pancakes are made with bananas and oat drink, which makes them light and naturally sweet, then topped with crunchy peanuts. I’m sold.

Best for: Veganuary (and beyond!)

4. One-pan pizza pancake

Who said pancakes can only be sweet? This speedy idea for a pizza pancake ticks all the boxes: it’s easy, cheesy, can be made in one pan and only takes 30 minutes to throw together. Result!

Best for: A midweek meal

5. Baking sheet pancakes

Forego the faff of flipping and have a go at making this one-tray pancake. Simply combine all the ingredients, pour into a lined tray and bake! Don’t forget to add your favourite toppings: you can personalise each quarter of the pancake with different combinations if you like. 

Best for: Feeding a family

6. Crispy Vietnamese-style pancakes

We’ve added turmeric to the pancake batter to give it that gorgeous yellow hue. Load up with crispy beef, chilli mayo and fresh herbs for a simple dinner with all the flavour.

Best for: Savoury fans

7. Indian-style pancakes with masala

Yep, there really is a pancake for every occasion. Similar to an Indian dosa, these savoury pancakes are filled with spiced potatoes and veggies for a lighter veggie meal or snack.

Best for: Lovers of spices

8. Cookie dough pancakes

I know it’s indulgent, but I strongly advise crumbling chocolate chip cookies into your pancake batter next time you have the urge. The chunks go warm and gooey like cookie dough as they cook. You can thank me later!

Best for: An indulgent treat

9. Fairtrade chocolate and banana crêpe cake    


Guess the number of crêpes required to make this epic cake… Click on the link to discover the answer.

Best for: A special occasion

10. Kimchi pancakes

Kimchi…in pancakes? Bear with me on this one. These crunchy fritters are paired with a punchy sriracha and honey dipping sauce and it’s brilliant. Give it a go for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Best for: A light lunch or brunch

Hungry for more? Check out all our pancake recipes, including sweet and savoury ideas.

Linzi Pucino
Food editor

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