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Hundreds of Co-op Members turned their hand to product design to help us give Crumbs, our gingerbread character, a Valentine’s Day makeover. And it was the design of 12-year old Ginny McArdell, from Redhill in Surrey, that wowed our food team and was chosen as the winner. As Valentine’s Crumbs hits the shelves, Ginny explains the idea behind her winning creation.

When my dad told me that Co-op was looking for its members to come up with a Valentine’s Day look for Crumbs, after seeing the opportunity in his monthly email, I thought I would join in and give it a go.

It sounded fun, I like drawing and I love biscuits. I’m also a fan of Crumbs, I’ve eaten the gingerbread biscuit before, and I’ve seen the different designs in our local store in Merstham too. I really liked the Christmas outfit.

The competition required me to design a seasonal outfit for Crumbs that Co-op Members could fall in love with. 

I thought purple was quite a Valentine’s-like colour and the dungarees would be a cute fit.

The love heart is there because Crumbs is so full of love that it’s bursting out, and of course, the character needed a smiling face.

It was easy to join in using the template provided and I could submit my entry through a variety of channels, including email, social media and a website uploader tool.

I was really excited to find out I had won, I didn’t expect my entry to be chosen as the winner. I’d forgotten that I had entered the competition until my mum showed me the email from Co-op congratulating me on my winning design.

Things have been strange with lockdown and all the restrictions, but this really cheered me up.

As a prize, I’ve received an edible giant version of my Crumbs design and a box full of the biscuits too.

I was so excited when the giant Crumbs and the case of biscuits arrived! It’s fantastic to see my design turned into a biscuit. They look prettier than I ever imagined, and they’re so cool!

Knowing that my creation is going to be in Co-op stores with my name on the packaging for other people to buy is amazing. Thank you so much Co-op! 

I can’t wait for my friends and family to try them. I’m really looking forward to seeing Crumbs with its big heart sharing some love for Valentine’s Day. I hope it makes people happy and full of love.

I think it’s really great to be able to join in with opportunities like this with Co-op. If this competition happens next year, I know lots of my friends want to enter too.

There are always ways for you to get involved with your Co-op.  Head to your member account to see what opportunities are currently available.    

Ginny McArdell 
Co-op Product Design Winner 

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