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It’s often thought that when you buy a cheaper product, the quality suffers.

At Co-op we don’t think it has to be like this, so we’ve developed a value range that has real values – we’re calling it Honest Value. You can buy everyday items at a great price, safe in the knowledge that they live up to the same ethical standards you’ve come to expect from us.

You won’t find any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. From 100% British meat, to Fairtrade coffee and responsibly sourced  loo roll, we believe that everyone should be able to buy good quality everyday items, whatever their budget. Here’s what you can expect to find instore.

100% British

We’ve been committed to sourcing goods from across the UK and supporting British farmers since Co-op was formed in 1844. We believe that sticking to your values shouldn’t cost you extra. So, just like the rest of our fresh meat, you’ll find only 100% British beef and chicken in our Honest Value range.

Our beef and chicken are also Red Tractor certified – so you can rest assured that your food has been produced to industry standards every step of the way, from UK farms to your kitchen table.

It’s not just our meat that comes directly from British farmers, either. The same goes for lots of our Honest Value items, including carrots, peppers, potatoes and onions! Explore the full range here.


Did you know that all of our hot drinks are Fairtrade certified, including our entire range of own brand tea? This means that the farmers, smallholders and workers involved in growing and producing our tea and coffee are paid fairly, enabling them to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

Our Honest Value range is no exception. To us, Fairtrade means fair prices both for tea drinkers and tea growers. So, you can pick up a pack of 80 tea bags for 80p , or a jar of instant coffee for £1.20, safe in the knowledge that our standards haven’t been compromised.

Responsibly sourced

We care about ensuring our forests are healthy, both now and in the future. That’s why 95% of the wood and paper used in products for Co-op Food, including our Honest Value Toilet Roll, comes from sources approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.

So when you pick up a £1.25 pack of Honest Value Toilet Roll, you can be confident that it’s better for forests. We’ve lowered the price, not our standards.

Discover the full range of Honest Value products here.

Christopher Hulme
Senior Strategic Own Brand Manager

[Varieties as stocked. Subject to availability. Selected stores only. Seasonal produce sources may vary throughout the year.]

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  1. Just over 2 years ago you announced that by the end of 2019 all Co-op tea bags would be bleach free. Since then there has been silence. Is any progress being made on this and what has caused the delay?

  2. Probably off subject but I would be very pleased if you binned the appalling music customers are subject too! M&S did it a couple of years ago and their food sales did not suffer.

  3. As a devotee of ‘Buy British’,I ensure (wherever/whenever possible) the goods/services are produced/grown/manufactured in Britain. Too often the Union Flag is emblazoned on items,only to find out,that the item was; PACKED/DESIGNED Etc etc in Britain,when,essentially it had been made in;China,France,Malaysia,Pakistan etc etc. Keep up the good work Co op

  4. I think Co-op branded goods have always been of good quality, but for many years the Co-op has concentrated on advertising the big brands.These have been bought instead of Co-op goods, because they must be better than the Co-op ones because the offers have always been for Cadburys, Kellogs, Heinz etc.The Co-op brands are dearer but their superior quality is not proclaimed by Co-op- so it has been a double whammy for Co-op brands. I have always bought Co-op chocolate which I think tastes so much better than Cadburys and the big guys because it is not sickly sweet. I shall definitely buy Co-op coffee and toilet rolls. In previous years when people could buy coloured toilet rolls, I always chose Co-op which were clearer shades.

  5. So what is the difference between the Honest Value Coop
    Range and the normal Coop range?

    • HI Mary, our Honest Value range is new products at a lower price than our core Co-op range. as the blog post says these new cheaper products still have the same Co-op values you expect from us. ^Cat

    • I have not noticed much difference in the tinned goods I have tried but the honest value toilet roll is definitely reduced size , weight and quality!

  6. Please stop wrapping everything in plastic and stock more british vegetables – yesterday had to put back tenderstem broccoli from Kenya! Our farmers produce so many brassicas and I would really like to buy from them please. Toilet rolls can easily be wrapped in paper – that is how all the ‘trendy’ delivered ones are coming to peoples doorsteps – you need to catch up with that one please. Not so worried about everything being dirt cheap. Very happy to buy less of better quality and preferably loose so I can use my own reusable bags. Thanks

  7. A range with values – are you going to try to value the planet and cut out some of the plastic wrapping ?

  8. ☕ 💙 ^Jamie

  9. Value products are good the coffee tastes as good as any other I was quite surprised

  10. Used to buy Izal toilet paper and still want to.

  11. All very good, but as we are shielding until you have delivery we cannot support you. I really miss my Co op favourites and supporting local causes too.

    • Yes, me too. I have pointed this problem out to the Co-Op before a few months ago, but apparently had no response. I think part of the problem is that ‘shielding’ is thought of as a category of response by planners rather than an act of protective care by individuals. The practical implications are actually quite complicated. With regard to groceries: one has to find a suitable delivery slot and not mind if the things then delivered contain ‘substitutes’ or things with short use by dates or the wrong size. However the basic idea is great and I wish the Co-op would do so…?!

  12. When are you going to sell OFFAL in your stores


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