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From our beef and chicken to our fish and dairy, when you shop with the Co-op, you can be sure that whatever you put in your basket’s had a lot of love and care put into it, and farmed with animal welfare as a priority.

That’s because we only work with suppliers, producers and farmers we know and trust, who share our belief in honesty and fairness, and can meet our strict animal welfare standards.

And, since you told us that buying British is important to you, 100% of our own label fresh and frozen meat is sourced from UK farms – more than any other supermarket – helping support your local farmers and their communities.

Plus, our farmers are members of our Co-op farming group which works closely with our Farming and Fisheries team, helping us build bonds with the farming community to ensure the food you buy is of the highest standards.

So, when you fill your basket with Co-op food, you can shop with confidence that you’re getting top quality products.

Our meat farmers follow strict animal welfare regulations

Animal welfare is a priority for us – regardless of budget. We make sure every farmer we work with agrees. Tony Wright farms turkeys for us in Norfolk, and he’s proud to look after a flock that’s enjoying a high quality of life.

“They’re lively, they’re noisy, they’re inquisitive,” says Tony. “They’re displaying their natural behaviour and that’s how we know they’re happy and healthy. We don’t leave until the birds are alright, and then I’m on call 24/7, so if there’s any problem, I get called out again.”

Plus, because Co-op’s fresh meat is 100% British, when you buy from us, you’re supporting your local farmers, not to mention the wider agricultural sector. And that’s the same whether you’re buying fresh Co-op chicken, lamb, turkey, pork or beef. 

Fish and seafood that’s always responsibly sourced

These days, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re protecting our oceans. That’s why all our own brand fish and seafood – from our Lightly Dusted Lemon & Pepper Sole Fillets to our Smoked Haddock & Mature Cheddar Melting Middles Fishcakes – is sourced from farms and fisheries that are certified to at least one of three independent schemes

We require all our seafood to be certified as environmentally responsible by the ASC, Global GAP or BAP, helping protect the marine ecosystem and looking after the ocean’s fish stocks, helping you be confident you’re making an ethical choice. 

Supporting British dairy farmers

Just like our fresh meat, all of our Co-op own brand Cheddar cheese, butter and delicious cream and milk is 100% British.

In fact, to make sure your milk is as fresh as possible, the dairy farmers we work with – almost 170 of them – have mastered the art of getting milk from their farm to our fridges in just 24 hours. 

Additionally, when you buy dairy from us, you’re supporting our British Dairy Farming Group, which helps our farmers get a fair price for for every litre they produce. 

That includes Dumfries-based brothers Richard and Grant Walker, who have over 500 pedigree Holstein cows. When their cows aren’t being milked, the herd enjoys a high quality of life which includes access to grazing pastures (where possible and in season). That’s because, as with all our other dairy farmers, Richard and Grant’s farm must comply with Red Tractor’s strict welfare regulations.

More on our animal welfare regulations

We have our own animal welfare standards, which reflect our 100% British pledge for chicken, pork, turkey, beef lamb, and boxes of eggs. Our farmers follow the Five Freedoms welfare code which guarantees protection of their animals’ physical and mental health, and we support welfare schemes like Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured and our own animal welfare standards. 

Plus, all our own-brand cosmetics and household products are cruelty-free, and have been proudly carrying the Cruelty Free International logo since 2004. Find out more in our latest report on animal welfare at Co-op.

Ben Chilman,
Undergraduate Agricultural Marketing Co-ordinator

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  1. Where is your steak from ?

    JUNE 8, 2021 AT 6:37 AM
    How does the Co op allow Amazon and Deliveroo into its stores when their treatment of their workers is immoral and against all trade union beliefs?

  3. Please could you tell me if any pork farms you use are keeping pigs in cages indoors where sows cannot move and are contained. Can you confirm that your farms and suppliers allow all pigs to roam and display natural behaviours. I’m concerned I’m buying pork which although is marked as outdoor bred is then kept indoors in small cages. Thank you.

  4. Hi when are you going to start stocking glass milk bottles as you’ve already started in Sheffield 2 years ago but not yet rolled it out nationwide, I personally do my monthly shops at LIDL as it’s cheaper on cupboard stock but do my weekly fresh and perishables and reduce to clear items from my local COOP as it’s down the road from my house but wish you had glass milk bottles instead of plastic then I might shop more in the COOP! I’ve also started shopping their since it’s had a refurb as now stocks more variety of fresh products that are supplied by British suppliers but still not best pleased when I see stuff from Spain 🤣 as that defeats the object of sourcing locally grown products and isn’t very green for the environment because of transportation from Europe to England

  5. How does the Co op allow Amazon and Deliveroo into its stores when their treatment of their workers is immoral and against all trade union beliefs?

  6. Hi Sue, you can read more about our ethical trading here ➡️ https://coop.uk/3cb4z6n ^Fi

  7. Please can you tell me about your stand on human rights for suppliers : final manufacture or in country packhorse (where the product is sorted and packed) and abattoir workers – can you provide a link on your website?

  8. Hi Tina. As a leading ethical retailer, animal welfare is a priority for us, our customers and members. Our own brand chicken is 100% British and reared to the high standards of the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme, whilst premium range chickens meet RSPCA Assured standards. We also have our own strict welfare standards in place which are monitored through our own dedicated Chicken Farming Group. We constantly review how we source products and are reviewing the implications of the European Chicken Commitment for our supply chains while we continue to follow its progress closely. Thanks. ^Jamie

  9. Pleased to see what you are doing already but would still like to have much less plastic packaging. More local food in season, such as asparagus from Southport, Early forced rhubarb from the Rhubarb Triangle, Yorkshire and local apples and pears.

  10. Please tell me where your Pork is sourced from?

  11. Very impressed

  12. What proportion of milk sold by the Co-op is sourced from cows that are housed solely indoors? That is they never graze fields during their day or week or…..

    • Hi Alan, our animal welfare standards go over and above the legal requirements for chicken, pork, turkey, beef, lamb and dairy. You can read more about it and also see our full animal welfare report here: coop.co.uk/our-suppliers/animal-welfare ^Fi

  13. Dear CoopCan you tell me if you sell British free range chicken please, either who

    • Hi Tina, we have strict animal welfare standards for all of the chickens raised for Co-op. Our farmers regularly check the birds throughout the day to ensure they are happy and healthy. We continually check temperature and ventilation in the houses and ensure that all our chickens have a balanced diet with water that is continuously available at all times day and night. Our chickens are able to demonstrate natural behaviour through perch and play with straw bales and other pecking objects, as well as having space to move around freely. You can read more here: https://www.coop.co.uk/our-suppliers/farmers/chicken ^Fi


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