Many of us enjoy a drink every now and again, whether that’s a beer with your friends at the pub or a glass of wine with dinner. But if you’d like to try drinking less alcohol, try some of these easy tips. 

Know how much you’re drinking 

Find out your drink’s ABV, which stands for ‘alcohol by volume’. The lower the number, the lower the alcohol content – so check the label and opt for drinks that have less alcohol in them. 

Make sure you know how much you’re drinking by measuring your spirits instead of pouring them freely – a standard UK single measure is 25ml.

Another easy trick is to alternate alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks, which will help ensure you stay hydrated.

Try a twist on your usual

If you’re normally a white wine drinker, why not try a white wine spritzer as a refreshing, lower-alcohol alternative?

Look for wines that are naturally lower in ABV. Vinho Verde wine  is  a refreshing, zesty white from Portugal that can be as low as 9.5% ABV, like our Vale dos Pombos Vinho Verde.

For fans of higher-ABV beers, opt for a half or even a third of a pint instead. Alternatively, try a lager shandy or skip the alcohol completely with a mocktail.

Explore the world of alcohol-free drinks

With more people than ever choosing to cut down on their drinking, there’s never been a better time to sample the latest alcohol-free beers, wines and even spirits. We stock a great selection of low- and non-alcoholic beverages.

For those who like wine, there’s our Co-op Low Alcohol Sauvignon Blanc which is just 0.5% ABV. Beer drinkers can try a refreshing Heineken 0.0, which is 100% alcohol-free, while cider drinkers could go for a sweet, sparkling Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Alcohol Free Cider which is just 0.05% ABV.

How Co-op supports responsible drinking

Since 2007, we’ve been working in partnership with Drinkaware to encourage people to enjoy alcohol responsibly. To keep health risks to a minimum, it’s recommended you don’t drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week on a regular basis. Adding more Drink Free Days to your week is a hassle-free way to cut down the overall amount you drink, across the year. Find out more at

Joseph Walker
Co-op Buyer – Ambient

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  2. Coop sound advice impossible to follow if local Co Op doesn’t carry a varied selection of the AF wines….

  3. Excellent suggestions. Do many people don’t realise what they are doing to themselves by drinking too much alcohol for their bodies. Dehydration can lead to all sorts of health problems. The NHS service is overwhelmed by patients with alcohol related conditions. Preventative medicine is not part our our health system yet. It will never be unless we change the way we consume, work and spend our recreation time. I enjoy wine, but like less alcoholic wines with no sulphides in it. Co-op is on the right track with giving sound advice. Cheers!


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