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Spring means lighter days, warmer walks and, most importantly, lots of new fruit and veg to enjoy! So, what’s best on the menu right now? From spring greens to spring onions – not forgetting the first rhubarb and Jersey Royal potatoes – there’s  plenty of produce to choose.

Why eat seasonally?

There are many reasons to eat seasonal fruit and veggies, not least that they taste better when picked at their peak. But shopping seasonally is not only good for your palate, it’s good for UK producers, too.

1. Eating seasonally supports UK producers

When you buy fruit and vegetables that are in season in the UK, they’ve most likely been grown locally, or at least within the UK. At Co-op, we understand the importance of investing in the UK economy so that British food has pride of place on our shelves. Read more about how we’re supporting British producers and delivering more seasonal British fruit and vegetables to our customers.

2. Seasonal produce tastes fantastic

Seasonal produce grown in natural conditions tastes great. And the better our food tastes, the more appealing it is to eat! We all know we should be eating our 5 a day but not many of us actually achieve this. Finding something which we love the taste of helps make this easier! Plus, eating a variety of different fruit and veg will help you provide your body with the essential nutrients to stay healthy. It’s a win win!

Find out more about how Co-op has been supporting the Peas Please campaign since 2017, which aims to help the nation eat more veg.

3. It’s a great way to try new fruit and veg!

Focussing on eating UK-season produce is a fantastic way to try new fruit and veg. From beetroot to artichokes to quince (which is a bit like a cross between a pear and an apple), there are lots of deliciously different British options to try.

What’s in season?

Take your pick from some of the best spring foods that come into their own during March and April:

Spring greens

Apart from the name, spring greens are perfect at this time of year because they’re so versatile. Try blitzing them into a spaghetti sauce or adding to mash for a fish-finger family meal. This cousin of the cabbage also works well in Chinese-style dishes like our ginger beef.

Spring onions

Yes, spring onions make a great garnish, but why not make them the star of the dish? This carbonara recipe roasts them to reveal a rich taste, while turning them into a tangy pesto is the ideal way to spice up a white bean broth.  


Rhubarb’s sharpness works brilliantly to balance out sweet or creamy desserts. Try it in this rhubarb syllabub for an easy dessert that uses just four ingredients!

Jersey Royal potatoes

The distinctive Jersey Royal is small and firm with a sweet, nutty taste. Try this easy frittata or our ultimate spring salad, which includes several other spring ingredients.


You could say asparagus is the British spring vegetable – the season officially kicks off on 23 April, which is also St George’s Day. Get patriotic with this asparagus, Cheddar and bacon tart, using British ingredients, or go further afield with an asparagus and pancetta risotto.


It might seem as though spinach is available all year round, but it doesn’t actually come into season until spring. We love this sweet potato and spinach curry, while a spinach smoothie is a fantastic way to start the day.

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