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Our Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs have had a makeover this year, by removing the plastic packaging… Junior product developer Emily Haworth explains what makes Co-op’s delicious Easter range better for the planet.

Sure, chocolate is great. Fairtrade chocolate is even better. But great-tasting Fairtrade chocolate available in packaging without unnecessary plastic has got to top the lot. Yes, Co-op’s stunning range of Easter eggs are all packaged entirely in cardboard – from our Salted Caramel & Pretzel Belgian Chocolate Loaded Egg to our Irresistible Extra Thick Orange Crunch Egg. In fact, removing the plastic inner packaging and windows from all five of our hollow Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs saves over 14 tonnes of unnecessary plastic. Tick, tick and tick.

Knowing that these utterly delicious eggs are doing good for the planet makes them taste even sweeter. So, check out some of my top Easter egg picks below, then find your favourite in your local store.

Better chocolate. Better packaging. Better for the planet.

Going for gold

This Fairtrade milk chocolate shell is loaded with gold-lustred honeycomb pieces, milk chocolate-coated biscuit balls, white chocolate buttons and caramel cereal balls, with a white chocolate decoration. Break us off a piece, would you?

Buy now: Co-op Golden Honeycomb Belgian Milk Chocolate Loaded Egg (200g/£5)

Caramel & crunch 

Not a fan of honeycomb? Try this Fairtrade milk chocolate loaded egg instead studded with caramel and sea salted fudge, white chocolate shortcake balls and salted mini pretzels with a dark chocolate decoration.  

Buy now: Co-op Salted Caramel & Pretzel Belgian Milk Chocolate Loaded Egg (200g/£5.00)  

Chocolate orange 

More chocolate can never be a bad thing. That’s why we’re giving you more of the good stuff with this extra-thick Fairtrade chocolate orange egg. It’s infused with Valencian orange oil and studded with white chocolate crispy pearls and cocoa nibs for added crunch.  

Buy now: Co-op Irresistible Extra Thick Valencia Orange Crunch Egg (220g/£6.00) 

Naughtily nutty 

If you think chocolate and nuts is the ultimate combination, then make sure to get your hands on this stunning praline egg. The Fairtrade Belgian milk chocolate shell is hand-finished with golden cocoa nibs, milk chocolate confetti and contains a golden central gianduja egg. It would make a truly special gift for a loved one this Easter.  

Buy now: Co-op Irresistible Hand-Finished Golden Praline Egg (300g/£8)  

An egg for everyone

This award-winning beauty really does have it all: it’s completely milk-free, gluten-free and comes with mouth-watering caramel chocolate truffles, all using Fairtrade cocoa.  

Buy now: Co-op Free From Choc Easter Egg & Caramel Flavour Truffles (120g/£3.50)

Fairtrade Easter Eggs since 2016

We’re proud that all of our own brand chocolate Easter eggs are Fairtrade and have been since 2016. That means that when you buy a Co-op Easter egg, you’re championing a better way of doing business, changing lives across the world and helping to protect people and the planet.

In West Africa, as part of our commitment to Fairtrade cocoa, we invest in the funding of Fairtrade Africa’s Women’s School of Leadership. The school works with women from farmer groups in Côte d’Ivoire, and trains them in business skills such as decision making, managing resources, and leadership, so that they can go on to take up leadership roles in their farmer organisations and communities.

Check out the full Easter range or take a look at how Co-op has improved its packaging to remove plastic across more of its products.

Emily Haworth
Junior product developer

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  1. I don’t get time to read these articles much working in a busy Funeral Home here in sunny North Devon, but this made welcome reading. At home we only have our household waste bin collected once every two weeks and although we recycle 90+% our 1/2 full bin bag is normally made up primarily with super marker plastic. Tesco’s are starting to welcome the return of clear plastic wrapping [which is great – although would be better not to have it in the first place] Does the Coop have similar plans? or could we just get rid of plastic all together? As an aside in our Funeral Homes we have Zero [yes Zero] recycling! We have to take home anything that we want to recycle. Come on Funeralcare come join the ethical green team! Regards Chris [Avid recycler]

  2. Truly Irresistible praline one is lush

  3. I’ve just heard that Co-op is going to stock Tony Chocolonely chocolate – now that’s really good news. Fantastic ethically sound chocolate that I have previously only bought online. Well done Co-op!

  4. Hi William. I’m sorry to hear the Fairtrade egg was out of stock when you placed your online order. We will not know if the item is going to be out of stock until the store come to pick your order. You should have received an email to confirm that this Fairtrade egg is out of stock so i do apologise that you only received this in the morning. If you are placing an online order for a specific item you could always call the store to see if they have it in stock. Thanks. ^Jamie

  5. 🙌 💙 ^Jamie

  6. Are the eggs open to the air? Surely this isn’t a good idea at the moment?

  7. Great news! But disappointed to find that our local store didn’t sell them, and that when I ordered online, although a very quick delivery was promised (2 hours) the message then came that they had no stock of the Fairtrade eggs. Fair enough, I suppose, so close to Easter – but why did you send the email only this morning?

  8. Well done Co-op!! We sooooo support you in this!! Concerns about no cover over the chocolate at all! But still about to buy 3 eggs.

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for your support! Food safety grade card and glassine paper, both fully recyclable, are now used to protect the eggs inside the box. ^Fi

  9. sounds good but not hygienic!! Think of all the dirt etc getting inside the box before you do!

  10. Fantastic idea! 👏🏼

  11. Now that you’ve done it for your Easter eggs how about removing the plastic from your vegetables? I don’t have my own transport so rely on Co-op for my weekly shop. Yesterday I bought some broccoli, cucumber and a swede, all shrink-wrapped. Why the unnecessary plastic?

  12. She you can’t decorate the dairy free egg. It’s such a shame that dairy free individuals like my daughter can’t have a fun egg. At least I found a fun decorated egg somewhere else for her. Won’t be buying your eggs for my other daughters due to that.

    • Sorry I’m confused?
      Is it just a picture of the inside of the egg on the front of the box?
      The chocolate can’t be open to the air?!

      • Hi there, food safety grade card and glassine paper, both fully recyclable, are now used to protect the eggs inside the box. ^Fi

  13. Wonderful to see less packaging, I always hate the wasted wrapping

  14. Thank you…better to be a leader than a follower. Wonderful news, so be proud of yourselves.

  15. A lot of cardboard and paper including receipts are plastic coated which cannot be recycled. Film securing plastic boxes such as meat, fish, mushrooms etc used to be easily removable but now because of stronger ? Plastic glue it will not tear off cleanly and I suspect this puts it into mixed plastics categorie which cannot be recycled. Milk sealers are also foil which can be recycled, bonded with plastic that can’ t.These all seem simple things to address & would help the planet.

  16. Many thanks, great. However, I have a veggie grand-daughter! Are any suitable for her, please? Also, will they be available in your ‘village stores’, I live in Grayshott and the stock of everything is obviously somewhat limited in comparison to the larger stores.

    If so, are they clearly labelled as such. I wish veggie food would be more clearly labelled. Could we have this as a new campaign – ‘Clearer labelling for Vegetarian Foods’. Obviously, this would lead to Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy, Nut, etc. These can be desperately important issues.

    Thank you

    Rae ________________________________

    • Rae Boxhall – if you check the packaging the eggs are clearly marked as whether suitable for vegetarians or vegans…. look for the green boxed “V”

  17. A Brilliant move Thank you


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