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Sure, burgers and hot dogs are great, but a barbecue would be nothing without the extras! Senior content manager Ellie Donnell rounds up her favourite BBQ side dishes, from salads and salsas to summer-inspired skewers.

1. Sweetcorn relish

For a new way to use corn on the cob, give this yellow relish a go. It’s flavoured with chilli, lime and coriander, and keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Top tip: Prefer a chunkier texture? Skip the puréeing process altogether (step 3).

2. Sweet and sour slaw

Made with six different veggies, drizzled with a punchy honey and mustard dressing, this crunchy coleslaw gets double points for colour and flavour.

3. Asian-inspired spaghetti

Pasta salad — but not as you know it! I love the fact that this cold summer salad uses spaghetti for a twist on a classic, but if you don’t have it, you could use any pasta shape you have to hand.

4. Courgette and corn salad

A vegetable peeler is your friend in this raw, fresh-tasting summer side.

Mexican-style tomato and avocado salsa

Salsa is great with everything: piled on top of corn chips, served over barbecued fish or even as a side salad in its own right!

Speedy guacamole

Do you prefer your guac smooth and creamy or textured and chunky? For me, it’s got to be the latter.

Honey and mustard potato salad

There’s nothing fussy or fancy about a potato salad — but, boy, do I love it! This easy recipe is made with just five ingredients and takes 30 minutes to make. It’s a no-brainer.

Greek salad

Nothing says summer quite like a proper Greek salad. Good-quality ingredients come together to create this classic Mediterranean dish — every barbecue should have one.

9. Asparagus and halloumi kebabs

f your BBQ doesn’t involve halloumi, then you’re missing out! Simply chuck these veggie kebabs on the barbecue — and don’t forget to serve with the blitzed red pepper sauce.

Jersey Royal, halloumi and veg salad

A robust potato salad made with charred halloumi and grilled veggies. I love this one: it takes 20 minutes to throw together and could even be served as a veggie main, if you like. 

Spiced Mexican cobs

While I’m a fan of corn on the cob on its own, this cheesy, zesty twist really is something special. With a grating of parmesan and a sprinkle of red chilli and lime zest, this small-but-mighty snack packs a huge flavour punch.

Griddled courgettes

To all those who think courgettes are bland and boring, this combination of buttery pine nuts, sweet raisins and fresh mint truly transforms them.

Vegetable satay skewers

Everyone loves a skewer at a barbecue! Drizzle roasted veggies in the creamy peanut sauce for this vegan side.

Barbecue responsibly

Barbies are brilliant fun — and it’s important that they remain that way. That’s why Co-op has redesigned the packaging for its instant barbecues with clear safety messaging and warnings, reminding you to ‘put me out’ and extinguish with water after use.

Always place your barbecue in a safe place, then extinguish and dispose of it responsibly once you’re done. Co-op Instant Barbecues are a brilliant option — and they use Fair Trade Traidcraft charcoal, too! Pick one up instore and be barbecue-safe this summer.

Discover plenty more BBQ recipes to take your barbecue game to new heights this summer!

Ellie Donnell      
Senior content manager

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  1. It would be lovely to make these but the co-op in Pickering is completely empty of all salad every weekend.
    We have a large number of holiday parks and cottages who’s guests all arrive on Friday and get their bbq food from town and our co-op doesn’t seem to have taken this in to account.

  2. Can we help with something, Shirley? 😊 ^Scott

  3. Hi just would be nice to part of the Co op family.

  4. After over a year of being isolated and fun family and friend bbqs not allowed… I will be more than happy to hear my neighbours laughter and also find the smell of their food more than pallatable!! Go outside and enjoy some bbq fun folks!! 😉😁🌞

  5. Unless I lived in a very hot country such as parts of USA or Australia for example, I am not a great lover of barbeques. I find the smell of cooking food emanating from a neighhbour’s property when I am outdoors is unpalatable. In our densely populated country I feel that barbeques are an imposition on other people.


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