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More than 1,600 Co-op Members donned their walking boots, laced up their running shoes and got on their bikes to help smash our ‘around the world’ challenge and stay active. 

When we checked in on their wellbeing earlier this year, members told us they wanted to get more active and connect with others. So, we invited them to join us on a virtual 80-day globe-trotting adventure, and members loved it! 

Together we travelled a staggering 245,024 miles – blowing our original ambition to circumnavigate the 25,000 miles around the world out of the water – to make it all the way to the moon! 

Miles of motivation 

Members logged their miles via a short survey, shared comments and pictures, and received a weekly progress update detailing the collective distance travelled. 

We shared facts about how Co-op supports communities globally, and members also learned about the different co-ops around the world. 

“Feeling a great sense of achievement every Sunday when I fill in the weekly activity sheet.” 

Lynn Franklin, Yorkshire and the Humber 

“I’ve enjoyed being part of the challenge even though I haven’t walked very far. I enjoyed reading the extra facts about other places and the comments from other people each week.” 

Susan Clayton, East Midlands

All around the world 

We started our globe-trotting journey on 15 March in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers opened the doors to their first ever co-op shop. 

Members were quick out of the starting blocks, clocking up an amazing 25,148 miles to make it all the way around the world in the first seven days! 

“It is really energising and making me feel so much more alive. With the lockdown still in place it is giving me the opportunity to do something and keep my mind and body active. The routine of doing the challenge every day is wonderful.” 

Dean Collier, East Midlands

“I like the fact that it’s something that everyone can participate in and I am enjoying playing my part in this challenge.” 

Susan Crouch, Yorkshire and the Humber

“It’s helping me to rehabilitate my broken leg, which has been especially challenging this past year. It’s great that exercise in the gym (treadmill and static bike) counts towards this challenge.” 

Elizabeth Mansfield, North West 

Having exceeded all expectations in Week 1, we challenged members to see how many times we could repeat the feat. By Week 5, we were well on our way to collectively lapping the world five times having travelled 117,000 miles – effectively halfway to the moon! 

“Feeling on top of the world. Cycling more than walking on sunny days. Panting up hills and zooming down the other side. Whoosh!” 

Geraldine Severin, Scotland 

“I have seen the extremes of the British weather this week – sun, rain, hail, snow and wind – but I wasn’t put off!” 

Angela Burns, West Midlands 

Members’ moon landing 

With almost 140,000 miles completed by the halfway stage, we upped the stakes again in Week 6, challenging members to collectively reach the moon – circa 238,855 miles – by the end of our challenge on 2 June. 

“My daily walk has become a feature of my day now and I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. I feel better, sleep better and have more energy as a result of being in the great outdoors.” 

Sue Pontefract, South East

“It’s great to keep active and feel a part of a community at the same time. It’s been lovely to see spring appearing, even if winter keeps coming back!” 

Kitt Huntington, Yorkshire and the Humber

Having comfortably surpassed the 200,000-mile mark by Week 10, members were on the home straight in Week 11 as they broke through the 230,000-mile barrier – needing less than 9,000 miles in the final lap. 

“I love this challenge. Just being more aware of the amount of exercise and having goals is a huge help.” 

Jacqueline Randall, South West

“Mentally and physically better. The blisters are worth every step walked. This challenge has kept me motivated and positive.” 

Mary Mailer, Scotland

Participants crossed the finishing line having collectively travelled an incredible 245,024 miles to become the first Co-op Members to virtually land on the moon. 

“I have loved the challenge, great to think we have collectively reached the moon!  We now need another challenge to get us back home!” 

Alison Goodman, South East 

In total, members walked an impressive 190,365 miles, cycled 30,403 miles, and ran 16,860 miles – with the North West, South East and Scotland leading the way. 

Members also clocked up 6,642 miles in other activity, 506 miles of swimming, 238 miles of horse riding, and even 11 miles in scooting over the 12 weeks. 

Our next steps 

We’ve had a fantastic response to our 80-day adventure, so we’ll now be working through the feedback to see how we can get Co-op Members involved in similar challenges in the future. 

In the meantime, you can watch a video collage showcasing some of the many photos and comments we received by clicking here.  

If you’re looking for more ways to stay active, why not join us for a walk, jog or run with parkrun UK. Find out more by clicking here

There are always ways for you to get involved with your Co-op. Head to your member account to see what opportunities are available now

Claire Cameron 

Member Participation and Engagement 

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  2. This was such a good challenge in which to take part. I very much hope there is another one. I’m sure it made us all feel part of a very large family. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and, as I am a member of a walking group with a weekly meeting it was easy for me to help add up the miles, although, to be fair, my weekly total was never great. However, it just showed how every small effort by individuals can add up to a huge achievement. Sundays was always exciting to see what the new total would be and what folk had been up to. I wish there had been more photographs, but all in all a splendid activity and, anything that helps to get the nation fitter, is to be applauded. Many thanks for such an initiative.

  3. I walked and cycled – superb motivation and each exercise complimented the other, to my great benefit.

  4. Hey there I saw your post .And some how ended up reading your blog.. Amazing and beautiful Shared . # Enjoy Life


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