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Spend less time washing up and more time enjoying the sunshine with these handy one-pan summer meals – hand-picked by senior content manager, Ellie Donnell.

While stews and casseroles make cracking comfort food in winter, that’s not to say one-pot meals are only for the colder months. Cooking dishes in a single pot or pan is one of my favourite ways to cook: it’s easy, packs in plenty of flavour and means there’s very little clean-up at the end. What more could you want?

Here, I’ve picked some of my favourite one-pan recipes that are perfect for summer, from a green risotto to a tasty Spanish stew. And if you’re looking for an even speedier solution, make sure to pick up Co-op’s stir fry deal instore, currently £2.50 for a pack of noodles, veg and sauce. Easy!

1. One-pot chicken & mushroom rice

A brilliant dish for using up leftover chicken and rice,this creamy one-pot is ready in just 20 minutes. Add extra zing with a squeeze of lemon to finish.

2. One-pan pizza pancake

It’s not all stews and soups! This homemade pizza in a frying pan (yes, really!) is made with a pancake-style base for speed and ease. Simply add your favourite toppings!

3. One-pot chicken & spring greens

A fresh-tasting chicken dinner made with spring greens, peas and stock. It’s easy on the wallet and not too heavy – perfect for soaking up with a crusty loaf. 

4. One-pot chicken spaghetti

Forget all that boiling and draining nonsense! This summery pasta dish sees everything cooked in one pot, from the chicken to the spaghetti and veg.

5. One-pot chorizo & tomato pasta

Fiery chorizo is a great ingredient for injecting lots of flavour into a dish, fast. Combined with chilli flakes, parmesan and tomatoes, this easy meal will soon become your favourite midweek dish.

6. Vegan one-pot pasta

Raisins – with pasta? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

7. Smoky sweetcorn soup

Tinned sweetcorn is totally underrated, so we’ve used it in this thrifty soup. Want to make it vegan? Simply leave out the crème fraîche!

8. Sausage paella

I often turn to this paella when I need a meal in less than 30 minutes that’s also filling and easy.

9. Herby green risotto

Eating your greens just got even easier with this herby risotto. Use any fresh herbs you have left over in the fridge – the more the merrier!

10. Chorizo & bean casserole

Tins play a starring role in this smoky casserole, made with spicy chorizo and sweet peppers. Cool it down with a dollop of soured cream – I highly recommend it.

11. Spanish chick pea stew

This vegan stew is packed with more veg than you can count on one hand!

12. Greek-style cod

Journey to Greece with this Mediterranean dish packed with tomatoes, olives, oregano and Feta. Or, do one better and serve it up with a Co-op Irresistible sourdough bloomer.

Sold on the wonder of one-pots? Check out plenty more ideas with all our one-pot recipes.

Ellie Donnell
Senior content manager

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  1. What a terrific idea. Cooking in one pot and just washing that – particularly after the dry period we’ve just had.

  2. It’s a good idea to save water! Thank you 😊


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