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Members who joined in to provide feedback on the Co-op Foundation’s latest Impact Report were left feeling ‘inspired’, ‘happy’ and ‘impressed’ by what they learned about Co-op’s charity.  

Many members said that, prior to joining in, they knew little about the Foundation, which funds projects UK-wide that help people challenge inequality and co-operate for change, so they can share a fairer future.  

So, it was great to see that 94% said that they’d learned plenty about us by getting involved, watching our impact report video and reading stories about our amazing partners. 

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A new way of reporting  

Covid shifted the plans and work of the Co-op Foundation in 2020. It also had a huge impact on the organisations we support, as they sought to respond to new needs and requirements.  

That’s why we decided to take a different tack with our impact reporting for this extraordinary year. We equipped two of our partners with mobile phones to capture our impact exactly where it was being felt, to enable us to produce a video. This, along with an interactive website, guest blogs and case studies replaced our usual printed report. 

We asked members to watch the video, visit the website and let us know what they thought and how it could be improved.  

Members were overwhelmingly positive about the different approach: 

“It had a high impact, and I loved the emphasis on young people, tomorrow’s leaders!” 

Paul Roebuck, Nottingham 

“It made me cry; I think you reached your objective. Fantastic, very well done and highly commendable.” 

Christine Close, Whitehaven

“It was really lovely to hear personal stories about the work of the Foundation.” 

Stav Friedman, London

But we also received loads of ideas about how our reporting might be made even more transparent, engaging and effective in the future: 

“People do worry about cost effective charity giving. Perhaps some simple direct disclosure of this would reassure and encourage more giving.” 
David Jones, Dewsbury 

“The only thing I would say is more examples of people you’ve helped, but that’s just because I want to hear more stories.” 
Emily Rodwell, Stoke-on-Trent 

“Maybe a little more detail about how lives have been changed for the better. Not just recipients of the scheme but those involved, delivering. I liked the quote ‘it helped develop me as a person’: this is powerful.” 
James Kerin, Faversham 

“This has made me want to investigate being able to help with similar projects in my community so local links would have been useful for this.”  
Linda Gallagher, Runcorn 

Thanks for your help 

A huge thank you to the hundreds of members who provided feedback – through the online survey and at March’s members’ quiz. It’s great to receive such a positive endorsement of the work of the Foundation and our partners, and even better that we now have a wealth of ideas for how we might make our reporting even more effective in the future.  

We’re already planning what our Impact Report could look like next year. We will build on everything we’ve learned and listen closely to feedback from members so we can keep improving how we talk about our successes and our learning. 

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Andy Mortimer 
Head of Communications, The Co-op Foundation 

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  1. Delighted to see this much more interactive style of reporting to

    We, in the NMC are developing our Member training programme and seeking ways to make it more inclusive and providing for members what they want to see.

    You have done this with this piece of work and l look forward to seeing and learning more.


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