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Get summer sizzling with a vegetarian BBQ! From mains to side dishes and desserts, food editor Gregor McMaster shows you how to throw a veggie BBQ and make meat-free entertaining a breeze. Treat your family and friends to his selection of mouthwatering veggie and vegan BBQ recipes and ideas.

I love veggie BBQs, which are an awesome way to get maximum flavour and smokiness out of really fresh produce. Veggies cook quickly and provide a varied and colourful array of dishes: they’re perfect in salads and side dishes or served with tasty sauces and cheese.

And for those who aren’t quite ready to let go of their meaty favourites, Co-op’s GRO range of plant-based meals and snacks make a tasty alternative. The trick is to ensure there’s something for everyone!

Check out some of my favourite veggie and vegan recipes and products to serve at your next BBQ. I’ve included marvellous mains, speedy sides and a couple of dessert options, too. Get ready for a feast!

Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Buffalo cauli burger

The versatile cauliflower gets a makeover into a fast-food favourite. Brushed with chilli sauce and roasted, these steaks, which are served in brioche buns with yoghurt sauce, are filling and fun and bound to be a hit with the kids.

Four bean salad with avocado dressing

With crunchy green beans and tinned pulses scattered with aromatic coriander, this vegetarian and gluten-free recipe is deceptively quick and easy. Serve as a main or side dish.

Spiced watermelon and halloumi skewers

Halloumi is made for the BBQ and chars beautifully. This unusual pairing with watermelon makes for fun, fruity skewers with a hint of heat from the chilli. A real crowd-pleaser for both veggies and gluten-free guests.

Greek salad with marinated Feta

You can’t go wrong with this classic dish that’s synonymous with sun and summer. It’s also a real hit with veggies. The refreshing combination of tomato, cucumber, black olives and Feta is filling enough as a side or works as a main.

Broccoli cheese sliders

If eating your greens is as easy as demolishing one of these veggie burgers – we’ll take it! Stuffed with broccoli, cheese and basil mayo, then served in toasted buns, these bad boys are guaranteed to go down a treat.  

Top tip: Ramp up the veggies even more by serving sliders with a generous dollop of Co-op coleslaw.

BBQ banana split

You’ll be amazed at how easy this delicious dessert is, which has just three ingredients. Bananas are wrapped in foil and cooked directly on the BBQ. Simply serve with ice cream (or vegan ice cream).

Vegan BBQ recipes & ideas

Whole BBQ cauliflower with roasted pepper sauce

Chargrilled red peppers and paprika make this a colourful centrepiece for your barbie and gives the humble cauliflower real wow-factor. Roasted whole and topped with a homemade almond sauce, this dish is low in fat and bursting with flavour.

Rosé cherries with vegan ice cream

Round off your BBQ and wow your adult guests with this simple dessert which contains a generous splash of Co-op Fairtrade South African rosé.

To cater for diehard meat-eaters or those missing meat why not serve up GRO The Incredible Burger. This vegan burger is made of textured soya protein for a meatless yet ‘real meat’ look and texture. Make sure you remember your relishes – an easy way to add fuss-free flavour to any BBQ dish. I recommend Co-op onion & garlic dip.

Discover more inspiration for both meat and meatless outdoor entertaining at BBQ recipes and from Co-op’s Summer 2021 BBQ range.

Gregor McMaster
Food editor

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