Autumn has arrived and brought with it loads of delicious produce and dishes to choose from. Discover comforting recipes that are sure to put a smile on your face, from carrot soup (with a twist) and blackberry muffins to a creamy mushroom pasta. Senior content manager Ellie Donnell shares her top 10 autumn recipes

Now that summer has well and truly gone (sigh), it’s time to accept that cooler weather is on its way. But never fear! Autumn’s new range of fruit and veg means there are plenty of delicious recipes to move on with. Over the next couple of months, expect to see apples and pears at their peak, along with hearty root vegetables, sweet leeks and earthy mushrooms.

To celebrate the best of the season, I’ve rounded up 10 recipes that each showcase a key autumn ingredient. The menu’s looking pretty tasty, if you ask me.

1. Apple, cheese & thyme tart

Star ingredient: Apples

Apple tarts don’t have to be sweet! Adding cheese to the pastry and the filling of this savoury number is a genius idea. Serve with a crisp green salad for a simple but delicious lunch.

2. Blackberry & apple muffins

Star ingredient: Blackberries

Combine two seasonal stars in one with these blackberry and apple muffins. I like to carry a couple with me when I’m out and about for an easy mid-morning snack.

3. Early Grey poached pears with ice cream 

Star ingredient: Pears

You only need a handful of ingredients to make the poached pears in this dinner party dessert. It might say ‘fancy-shmancy’ on the outside, but it’s easy-peasy to make really.

4. Hasselback squash with pecans & maple syrup 

Star ingredient: Squash

Never has a butternut squash looked so spectacular! Learn how to hasselback with this epic vegan dish.

5. Mushroom pasta with vegan ‘alfredo’ sauce

Star ingredient: Mushrooms

A creamy, vegan pasta dish made with mushrooms for a deeper flavour. The double cream has been swapped for almond milk here, but you’d never notice.

6. Beetroot falafel 

Star ingredient: Beetroot

Take your falafel to the next level with the addition of beetroot, which makes them vibrantly purple!

7. Leek & pepper curry 

Star ingredient: Leeks

Leeks are one of my all-time favourite ingredients. They’re not as intensely flavoured as onions but have a mild, sweet flavour that makes them endlessly versatile. Here, they’re stirred into a curry with peppers, ginger and spices for a fragrant vegan dinner.

8. Carrot, curry & coconut soup

Star ingredient: Carrots

Carrots are wonderfully inexpensive and a great way to add subtle sweetness to dishes. Use them in this triple-C soup (carrot, curry, coconut) which packs, sweetness, creaminess, spice and heat into one brilliant bowlful!

9. Parsnip & rosemary risotto

Star ingredient: Parsnips

If you think parsnips are only good for a roast dinner, think again. Here, they’re roasted until soft and caramelised, then stirred through a garlicky risotto for some seriously comforting autumnal vibes.

10. Cabbage chicken & chilli stir-fry 

Star ingredient: Cabbage

Cabbage haters, I hear you. This green veg can fall a little flat – but it all depends on how you cook it! Try it in this spicy chilli chicken stir-fry and see if it doesn’t change your mind…

Read more about our growers and how Co-op works to provide more seasonal fruit and vegetables in our stores.

Ellie Donnell
Senior content manager

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  1. First time looking at the recipes on my app, so happy to see the amount of veggie and vegan options. They out number the meat recipes. Well done co-op
    They look super easy and delicious too I will be trying most of them for sure.

  2. Hi, excellent recipes, pity about the dead fowl in last one !


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