It’s officially one year since Co-op Live construction began and it’s so exciting to see the venue starting to take shape.

If you’re not clued up on all things Co-op Live yet, the venue will be one of the world’s most sustainable and socially responsible venues. With community and co-operation at its heart, the project will create 3,350 constructions jobs. Over £1m of Co-op Live’s yearly profits will be distributed to good causes in community across the UK by the Co-op Foundation when it’s up and running, so wherever you live, and whatever your favourite artist, you’ll be helping the venue to do good however you get involved

Co-op Live will be at the forefront of sustainability too, creating improvements to the canal side of the venue to create peaceful areas for walking, sitting and relaxing on both event and non-event days. Diverse vegetation and local wildlife, including a variety of trees and wildflowers, will enhance the natural diversity of the area and create much-needed green space around the venue.

Co-op Live will also champion our award-winning products sourced using British meat, Fairtrade ingredients and local suppliers, while tackling food poverty with a zero-food waste scheme.

What’s more, we’ll be able to offer all our colleagues and members a whole host of exclusive benefits, including pre-sale tickets up to seven days before general release, great deals on food and drink and the chance to win free tickets. Not to mention priority entry-access to the venue!

So, has the stage been built yet?

The principal contractor for the project, BAM, have been working tirelessly since construction began and the venue is on track for opening at the end of 2023. Since starting the project, £150 million in orders have been placed with suppliers across the North West, boosting local employment and the economy in the wake of the pandemic.

There’s currently up to 400 people working on-site daily and, over the three-year construction period, the project will create over 2,000 full-time jobs. Co-op Live’s commitment to local procurement is also supporting thousands of jobs throughout the supply chain in the North West.

So far, enough earth to fill 53 Olympic swimming pools has been removed from site, and the concrete columns that will be used to build the arena if stacked on top of each other would reach the International Space Station!

In December, 9000 tonnes of locally sourced steel will be delivered to site from one of the many local suppliers supplier in Bolton. And following this, we’ll see the venue rise up onto the East Manchester skyline in the early part of next year.

Co-op Live in the community

Co-op Live is providing opportunity in our communities with many apprentices currently working on site. Our apprentices are in a range of role includes quantity surveyors and technical engineers, as well as manual trades such as mechanics, plumbing and electrical work. Later this year we hope to confirm our first Co-op Live apprentice funded through our levy, and this is just the start of opportunities for young people that we are committed to creating through this fantastic venue.

We’re also reaching out to communities by hosting visits for our local academies. Back in October, Swinton Academy were the first to tour the venue. The students learnt all about the different jobs that’ll be available through Co-op Live, as well as seeing the construction developments and learning more about the project itself. In total, we’ll be hosting 300 students at the venue to learn about the opportunities available in construction.

Ellie Makinson, Assistant Partnerships Manager on Co-op Live

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