Whether you’d like to try a meat-free twist on your favourite recipe, discover new ingredients or see if you feel healthier by introducing more vegetables to your diet, we’ve got top tips on how to get started.

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Kevin Sargent, Senior Product Developer – Chilled Prepared, shares details on the vegan and vegetarian options our food development team have created for the festive period this year.

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This blog post aims to highlight some of our key vegetarian products that perhaps sometimes go unnoticed on the shelf. Includes a full vegetarian product list.

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Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, or have a family member or friend joining you for Christmas, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you pull together the perfect Christmas dinner.

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Meat free for a day – a doable or an impossible challenge? World Meat Free day (12th June) is the perfect time to stop and think about your food choices, try something new and get a bit more experimental with your meals for the day. Did you know approx. 10% of the UK are either […]

Discover how you can start to make choices that are kinder on the planet without breaking the bank. Check out our tips for lower impact choices and see how you could help the planet.

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Diet and health manager Bryonie, explains why we should all be putting our health. Check out her top tips for making better food choices in 2021.

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Plan a special dinner during lockdown. Here’s our top tips for putting on a great cheese and wine night at home, with excellent cheese and wine pairings to match

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Cooking for someone with a food intolerance this Christmas? Here’s all you need to create a great free-from Christmas.

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All the treats and recipes you need to have a fun-filled Halloween.

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