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  1. Thank God for the Co Op 100%British meats including lamb and all NON HALAL,a fantastic example for all to follow.


  2. Hello. I have just joine this blog and hope that this is the right place to comment in a way I am about to do. To me, being vegan, the most important reason I shop at the coop is the fact that your products are vegan and not tested on animals, including things like toothpaste, bleach and washing up liquid that you do not find anywhere else! I was sad to see that my local coops (North East) have withdrawn some vegan products like roll-on deodorant! Please, bear in mind that I am not alone in respecting you and buying stuff because of the animal welfare issue. Fact is I do not settle down and buy something else in the coop, I just go somewhere else for that product.
    Also, I enorse the comment above by Cheryl…please, more vegan edible products!


  3. I would love to see some dairy free spread in co- ops local convenience stores please asap


  4. Hi i recently moved home so i need my new card to be delivered to my new address is this possible


  5. Try our Fairtrade Bonarda Shiraz from Argentina. Just a glass
    Now eat a Satsuma. Just the one
    Try our Fairtrade Bonarda Shiraz from Argentina. Just a glass
    Think Chocolate …



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