Access to Partner Hub

Co-op branded social accounts are not permitted for a Food store, area, region, department, depot or Funeralcare home. Co-op branding is only permitted for the main Co-op Group accounts, which are managed by the support centre. There are several reasons we no longer allow this, and you can read more about our Social Media Accounts Policy here.

One thing we recognise is that we are continually growing our relationships with Partners and other businesses as we open stores in locations such as Student Unions. These other brands have incredibly engaged audiences who benefit from sharing Co-op news and updates.

Due to this, we are now trialling access for external brands and businesses, such as Student Unions, in to our Partner Hub, where they can gain access to a variety of Co-op content to share on their channel. This does not make any alterations to our current policy around branded store accounts, and Co-op accounts, whether Co-op owned or Franchise, are still forbidden. Any account which is seen to be breaking this rule will be removed from Partner Hub and requested to be changed to a personal account in line with our company policy.

If you have any questions, please contact and we will be happy to assist.

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