Our first member-designed wine will hit the shelves soon. Here’s how our members co-created it.

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5 of our members’ favourite small producers are shortlisted for the Q Food Awards.

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There’s still time to Shape your Community, comment here with your questions about how you think our Co-op can make a difference in your community.

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Today is national Anti-Slavery Day. Why does slavery need its own day? Well in the UK modern slavery is a rapidly growing criminal activity but we’re only just beginning to understand the scale of the crimes being committed. So let me tell you something about modern slavery, what we’re doing as the Co-op, and how you can help too.

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Co-op is the first retailer to make all our own brand fresh soups completely gluten free. But that’s not all that’s free from gluten at the Co-op.

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We asked members, whose circumstances make dealing with an insurance company especially difficult, to share their experience of taking out an insurance product or making a claim. Here’s what we heard.

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We’re sharing data on the money we’ve given to local causes through our Local Community Fund. We want to be open about where our members’ money is going and let others see the projects that Co-op members have supported.

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