#BeingCoop on Social Media

As Co-op colleagues, we sometimes want to share stories about our work on social media. It’s a great way to share our ways of #BeingCoop and #TheCoopWay with our family and friends, as proud Co-op colleagues.

I’ve put together this short guide with my colleagues in the social media team to help you find other colleagues sharing #BeingCoop stories and how to share your #BeingCoop stories.

How can I represent the Co-op on Social Media?

Add the 'Join Us' Frame or Twibbon

People in your local community are more likely to engage with you on social media if you’re using social media as a genuine person. If you prefer to have a separate social media channel for work, that’s fine too, just make a new one and make sure it still looks like the channel of a real person, the real you!

If you manage a Co-op branded Facebook or Twitter page for your Food store, then it’s important you follow these guidelines and submit a channel request to the social media team here. You only need to operate a social media page for your Food store if you want to, it’s not part of your job and does not form part of your performance review with your Area Manager.

How can I find more #BeingCoop stories?

Work and personal profiles don’t have to be different, it’s ok to talk about what you do and things you’re passionate about on social media*

I’d like to recognise a colleague for #BeingCoop

  • let us know about their story so we can share it on social media
  • request a gesture or gift card from the Thank You for #BeingCoop shop
  • let them know yourself using #BeingCoop on Twitter (but check with colleague in question that they’re happy for you to share their story)
  • nominate them for a #BeingCoop award if your colleague has that Co-op Magic

Useful links

Ian Ferguson
Social Media Community Manager